By Anonymous - 27/02/2010 06:36 - United States

Today, I was babysitting to make a few extra dollars. While changing one of the kid's diapers, I turned around to find the other kid gone. I turned back around frantically, only to get poop flung at my face. I guess I found him. FML
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Reminds me of when Phoebe, Chandler and Monica babysat the triplets. Oh how TV gives us life lessons.

I love that show lol and this is just a lesson for when u hav kids also, hopefully u found the other otherwise it is FYL

That kid's gonna grow up to do great things...

I bet u just didn't wanna put- oh and my mouth was open- green slimy? taste like chicken?

Teamwork: 1. cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause.

Worse part about it is this wasn't OP first time!

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i hate ****** babies they so much like monkies flinging poop white kids arent any better they all spoiled and the mexican ones sheeesh just as disrespectful as dam azn ones

congrats same thing happened to me... it's babysitter fate.

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lol 58 maybe you should try to bond with the kids better

YDI for not ducking and not watching the kids

were they hairy and had a tail and an insatiable appetite for bananas?

being first isn't so great.... idk why trolls think so. anyway, how could you have found him if you only saw one? I don't get it. xD

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Well, you wouldnt know because you're second, suuucckkaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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monkeys do that too!!!! so he's cute and clever like a monkey.

Hope it wasn't one of those really sticky dark baby poo's.

Oh no! Why doesn't babysitter like me? All I did was fling crap at her face! I thought that kids like me were supposed to be little monkeys!

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ugh! thats disgusting.. that's why I hate babysitting kids can cause so much trouble sometimes

Well? Did you pull your pants down and plant a steaming log on that kids face or not?

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HAHA yummy scromboes. this is hilarious

mmmmm............... taste that poop... lol