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  The_Disturbed  |  5

joker141, that strikes me as kinda racist.

And OP, YDI for smoking on school grounds. And if you weren't on school grounds, YDI for bitching about someone thinking you look younger than you are...most people would laugh and take it as a compliment.

  White667  |  0

Not smoking on school grounds is usually a rule the school made itself, meaning it has no legal baring beyond any regular person asking their guests to not smoke in their house.
If I was the OP, Id've just told whoever "caught" me to go fuck themselves, I mean unless there was a sign then how was he to know? (And I've never been to a school which actually put up the official "No Smoking" signs, so I've no idea where the rest of the commenter's are getting that from.)

  riku3220  |  2

The little ones? Do you honestly think a 23 year old man is going to be mistaken for an elementary student? He was at a high school to all the dumb asses that seem to think he was "influencing young minds".

By  Androgynoel  |  0

OP, whether or not you smoke is a personal choice, but schools tend to not want to have the children going to there suffer from your choices, which is why "no smoking on school grounds" rules exsist. Cross the street or something. You deserved it.

  dralven  |  0

If it was in a car, then OP wouldn't have been caught. School teachers or people that would send OP to the office, don't patrol cars. They'd also be far less likely to assume it was a student.

  wandaax03  |  0

agreed. b/c what other people think is cool rules my life.
op: keep killing yourself and setting a great example for your sister. I mean, it's cool, right?