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Today, I was having lunch at McDonald's when I dropped a French fry down my shirt. It stuck out the top of my bra. Before I had the chance to remove it, a creepy man picked it out and ate it saying that it was the best French fry he had ever eaten. FML
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By  Jakesterk96  |  8

Did he say it was boobalicious?

  EatnBeef  |  7

Iv tried whipped cream on tits but never salt on tits. Hmmmm;)


Jokes on you, I'm a turtle!!

That was same amount of pointlessness as your comment 8, so please, make sense when you comment.


23. Infact 8's comment was so relevant. It upsets me to understand how you don't see it is. What 8 was getting at, is tits make anything better...whether it be a French fry, whipped cream...A1 sause...etc

  DooleyFTW  |  17

This is one of those hilariously creepy things you would genuinely expect quagmire to do. The fact it happened in real life makes it even more hilarious! And creepier too I suppose.

By  im_too_pro  |  2

That may just be the coolest guy you'll ever not meet!