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Today, I was having lunch at McDonald's when I dropped a French fry down my shirt. It stuck out the top of my bra. Before I had the chance to remove it, a creepy man picked it out and ate it saying that it was the best French fry he had ever eaten. FML
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And that would be the person called quagmire :p

No I believe he said: "it was the best French fry he'd ever eaten."


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Did he say it was boobalicious?

Iv tried whipped cream on **** but never salt on ****. Hmmmm;)

No I believe he said: "it was the best French fry he'd ever eaten."

I've heard of bag fries, but tit fries sound much more appealing..

Jokes on you, I'm a turtle!! That was same amount of pointlessness as your comment 8, so please, make sense when you comment.

He could have said "this was the worst...." Wouldn't that be worse?

No, he actually said it was the "breast" French fry he'd ever tasted.

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23 - 8 was making a sarcastic comment out of 1's "joke."

9 no one believes the Guy bragging about sexual escapades on the internet

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Sounds like something the creepy manager at my local McDonald's would do. Except he would offer free ice cream first.

Yeah but 23 your comment didn't have a single **** to do with the fml

23. Infact 8's comment was so relevant. It upsets me to understand how you don't see it is. What 8 was getting at, is **** make anything better...whether it be a French fry, whipped cream...A1 sause...etc

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Why isn't this an illustrated FML?!

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I'm almost certain instead he said it was "bonerific."

#126 : "bOObs" that is y he said best fry ever lol and u look cute in your pic tho :)

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Did anyone else's sing "the best French fry I ever had" in colt 45 beat or is that just me ?

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And that would be the person called quagmire :p

This is one of those hilariously creepy things you would genuinely expect quagmire to do. The fact it happened in real life makes it even more hilarious! And creepier too I suppose.

Does this remind anyone of when Quagmire reached down Cleveland's wife's shirt to get that fish?

Be glad he didn't lick your boobs to eat the left over salt .

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This is one of the first times " giggity" is acceptable for a comment

This is like a kinky sex scene, did you bang him afterwards?

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Boobs are for everybody to enjoy. That's why they're "out"

That may just be the coolest guy you'll ever not meet!

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They did meet, just not officially.

I was instantly reminded of that song best i ever had.

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...and this is why I root for the home team.

It would be way funnier if OP was a man

YdoIhaveAchode 4

Cmon if a dude pulled a fry out of another mans shirt and ate it. It would be funnier than him pulling it out of a busty woman's shirt

Not the haha kinda funny but the hmm that's interesting kinda funny.

Especially since OP would be a guy wearing a bra.

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If it was a man, not a single f*ck would have happened that day

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It was a guy who jacked the fry from her bra.

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She would say that considering her user name!

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It was a combination of a guys favorite things food and boob:)

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Woah, 10 your eyes are really pretty. My bad if that creeps you out but nobody can lie and say they checked your pic out, and didn't find your eyes to be very attractive.

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Pfft, right! I said something about boobs yesterday and I got called a creeper! :P I love the boobies, as does the rest of the male population.

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And your pic. Hence the 100+ thumbs up.

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110 your coment and you profile pic totally go together! xD

A single boob is good and all but a complete pair is just SO much better

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At least he didn't take your nuggets bitch better back up off those.

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YDI for eating at McDonald's, freak.