By FML - 15/07/2009 14:29 - Syrian Arab Republic

Today, my long-distance boyfriend came to visit. We went to a cafe where I managed to lock myself in the toilet, breaking the key. I then had to wait for them to break down the door. I came out to applause from everyone, who had been laughing at me for 25 minutes. FML
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since when do u need a key for a cafe toilet? do they serve gasoline too? lol

Did you lock yourself in the bathroom? or the toilet?


since when do u need a key for a cafe toilet? do they serve gasoline too? lol

She deserves it for having a boyfriend in an Arab country. Unless she was Christian or Jewish I guess.

wow, get a life. you can't classify a race or religion as wrong. there are bad and good people in every culture. you, for example, are part of the idiots in ours.

I don't really think you got what #8(humorizer) was saying. Syria is an Arab country, where most of the people are Muslim, and Islam is not very accepting of having a boyfriend/girlfriend. But it was stupid of him to bring that up. Lol don't worry OP, my mum did that TWICE IN THE SAME DAY!!! Absolutely hilarious, it was in our hotel bathroom, and when she tried to open the door, the lock broke. The hotel staff had to come and break the door down. She came out, doing really well considering she'd been in there for about an hour. She went back into the same bathroom a few hours later, and got herself locked in again *facepalm*

ohhh, thanks for explaining. I didn't understand at first.

No problem. I wasn't dissing muslims, lol. They're quite cool; at least the pious ones.

hey, thanks! I am muslim, which is why I took it to heart at first.

@8 im Arab .. what is that suppose to mean you dumb Fuck?

wow, that sucks. can't even imagine how embarrassed i would be.

Lol, why were they laughing not like it was really your fault?

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not really her fault tho it's just a flimsy key

if it was your boyfriend, you wouls have laughed.

i want to know the reasons for people to say ydi... op: you being from the syrian arab republic i'm not really sure on why you have to use a key to use the bathroom, but i feel you're pain.

Some places do that for security. My orthodontist's place requires you to get a key from the office to use the bathroom.

What does your long distance boyfriend have to do with anything?

That's what I was thinking. He's about as irrelevant to the story as what food you ordered or what part of Dimashq you were in.

was thinking the same thing...totally useless info

I took it as: Her boyfriend that she doesn't see very much came to visit, only for her to spend 25 minutes on their date away from him as she was trapped in a bathroom

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Maybe he was only there for a couple of days and being in there for 25 minutes wasted their precious time? I don't know, just a scenario...

you need a key to get INTO the bathroom, not OUT of it......fake, Peter Griffin locked in a car anyone?

Ur real stupid u dont need a key to get out the bathroom only in. epic fail man

This one is from Syria so US building codes don't apply there. She may very well have needed a key to leave the bathroom.

Did you lock yourself in the bathroom? or the toilet?

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XD i was just thinking that but couldn't come up with a witty way to say it....

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There have been times when I've been given a key to use a public bathroom, and I live in Chicago. But yea, that sucks :x