By Anonymous - 22/12/2010 16:28 - United Kingdom

Today, I was waiting for my food at McDonald's. I watched the most obese, sweaty man sneeze into the chips, wipe his nose on his hand and use his hand to shovel chips into a bag. They were my chips. FML
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How strange to have that from a fine dining establishment like McDonalds...


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Sir, that is far from gross. You find the human body disgusting do you??? Well look in the mirror my dear friend and realize that you too are a disgusting carbon lifeform called a human. I for one eat my own feces because I realize that I am not disgusting. Yeah, I have no idea where I was going with that.

sourgirl101 28

Your comment reminds me of this guy I know. He snorts his own urine daily. Something about your body produces it's own antibodies to keep you well. I don't know if it's true and wouldn't want to find out by trail and error.

^^ That might be the nastiest thing I have ever heard

lol, u really eat your own shit? I don't believe that. And if you did ( yeah, it was probably a joke. ) But if you did, poop is not healthy. It's waste material. It is ejected from ur body to never return.

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duh, if your body didn't produce anti-bodies you would always be sick.

urine is sterile. Unless you have an infection urine is germ free. I still wouldn't try it though.

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SG, ew. A couple of my friends do that, something about 95% water, 5% minerals and proteins and such on. It's still really disgusting. Urine actually contains a lot of salt, which might be bad for the body. I think unless you're drinking urine to survive, then it shouldn't be done.

Bad, not necessarily. Are in excess and therefore are being released, yes. Along with the urea & uric acid your body is trying to get rid of not retain.

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they sell CHIPS at Mcdoanlds? :O 

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lol thats what I was wondering!! all these stupid ppl :P

Urine is reall bad for you. Its ammoina and extra shit your body doesnt need. Besides its warm and dark yellow why would anyone want to drink it.

Chips = French fries, in other countries.

69: bunnies eat their own poop. (: onomnom.

I would have been calling for a manager rather that going "oh F my life" lol Come on people confused about the chip thing, think a little! In the UK fries are called chips and chips are called crisps.

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lmao! that's what I was thinkin!! thought it was gunna be the first comment , aha. 

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Nothing bugs me more than an obese person at a fast food restaraunt -.-

156 and 172. It says OP is from the UK. They (and some other countries) call fries "chips." Hence the term "fish and chips."

Yeah you would be sick... Or dead. ^.^

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that's lord voldemort or whatever from Hairy potter. do you live in a cave???

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Don't ever insult the Dahk Lohd! He'll kill you... :)

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76 I really hope your not serious !!

@67: First off, I don't have a nose. Second, AVADA KEDAVRA!

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119 Nice one. :D You are now hanging out with Dumbledore, #67.

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Oh god. There was so much win in this, it belongs on Tumblr. <3

Agreed. Fries are chips in the United Kingdom. I live in the U.S and even I knew that.

You, are one of the very few. Most Americans i know are totally ignorant of British English. Or as i call it, Real English.

^Rofl. it does kill life though when people try to correct an s with a z when it's actually correct where the person comes from

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What do you mean, "even you knew that?" Everybody should know that, it's common knowledge.

Extra protein. Normally they charge extra for that.

Actually it may be good for you, eating dead germs. But you may catch blood borne viruses such as HepC.

Aliaskis, I'm going to assume that you were deliriously ill when you wrote that, because otherwise I'd have to assume you're a moron. The viruses in the nose are not dead, they are very much alive and communicable. And the only way Hep C could be transmitted here is if the dude had a bloody nose and sneezed blood into the chips and then the custoner injected the chips into his vein. I hope you feel better soon, Aliaskis. Very soon.

Hahahahah you're hilarious. I wanna say something mean to you just so I can be on your profile. (:

it's true, though, eating snot is ok because we all do it when we have a runny nose and we sniff and snort, that phlegm gets swallowed and helps us to build up our immune system a little more. still gross though, call for the manager and health inspectors.

Actually, Doc, I am sick and drugged up. Thanks for your concern. My original post was more in depth and made more sense, but fml doesn't post my comments most of the time, usually causing me to retype them numerous times. Yesterday I just gave up on making sense. The nose has little hairs and mucus in it to catch the nasty stuff before you breathe it in. So I would assume that includes dust mites, skin cells, and various germs. If the germs were there long enough they would die, and hopefully be blown into a tissue and thrown away. However, as our immune system uses the conquering of dead germs to build defenses for our bodies, if we ate snot wouldn't that just be helping our immune system theoretically? The HepC comment was supposed to be precluded by a statement saying that if that man had a fissure in his nasal lining that could introduce blood into the mucus and someone with a poor immune system ate his snot inadvertently they could catch any number of blood-borne diseases. It's not uncommon to have traces of blood in mucus in the winter when cold weather can cause brittleness of the lining of the nose, and can be exacerbated by a common cold and overzealous blowing. I hope that made more sense. Now I just have to try to get this to post. Error: invalid API key? WTF?


I suppose that's true, but do you know how disgusting that would be?

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Actually, three words. Don't eat there.

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I'd have that guy fired so fast it'd make his head spin. You sneeze on the fries, say NOTHING, and try to serve it to customers? That's just vulgar.

I haven't eaten McDonalds in over a year because of their 365black policy and website.

Totally ******* disgusting!!!!!! I feel nauseous after reading that!!!!!!

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or 3 words - dont eat it....

How strange to have that from a fine dining establishment like McDonalds...

Why would you assume that? The truth is spoken 100% of the time on FML.

Actually, not all McDonalds are dirty. I work at one, and we are required to wash our hands throughly after touching money, raw meat or after coughing or sneezing, and we have managers on shift specifically to see to that we do just that.

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Yes, quite strange indeed :/ Quite baffling if you ask me :/

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ask for new chips/get a refund + report it to whatever agency is in charge of sanitation in restaurants (i know this exists, but I cannot remember its name)/tell the manager

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Awhh, that's ******* nasty lol. >.<