By WishIWasADogMinder - 10/12/2015 10:47 - Australia

Today, while making less than minimum wage at McDonalds, I had to dispose of a grown man's soiled underwear that he left on the bathroom floor under a pile of toilet paper. It isn't even the grossest thing I've seen in my six months of employment. FML
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How is mcd's paying you less than minimum? When I worked there, it was low pay, but they made sure to follow all minimum wage laws. Sucks when you have days like that.

What was the grossest!? Wait, I dont want to know.


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the food can have that effect on people.... It's a shitty situation but keep your head up OP, you'll find something better

The thing is, I don't think the food has anything to do with it. I worked at McD's for a few months, worst I ever saw was some guy that shit on the toilet. On the toilet. I think the problem is the clientele themselves.

Also probably heatstroke, because Australia

This is the 55th instance of the word "minimum." LOL!

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Oh come on now you HAVE to tell us what the grossest was

I'm curious as to what the grossest thing you've seen is

Unlucky Op, it can only get better! Hopefully a new job better pay.Atleast you've some good stories to tell in a few years

If that isn't a clear sign it's time to move on and find something else then I don't know what is. Good luck finding another job OP, pretty sure what you've been through is not worth your time at that pay rate.

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People do the nastiest things. I will never understand

In my personal opinion I think it's just idiots being idiots. They think that because "the customer's always right" they can do whatever they want without any consequences.

agree with #6, think it's time for a job change

That really sucks! I'm sorry. Keep your head up!