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Today, my boyfriend proposed. He said we’d go pick up the ring tomorrow. Then he asked to borrow $40 to get it out of pawn. He pawned it when his ex gave it back to him. FML
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I hope you didn't loan him the 40 dollars! What a creep (and an idiot for telling you about the ring being at a pawn shop, lol).

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who hasn't at least almost done this? xD

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it's funny because he wants your money to get a ring for you that belonged to his ex.

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It's funny cause everyone wants 22 to STFU or GTFO. Dontcha just love abbreviations?

the sad thing is that u actually gave it to him:/

watch skid1996's Doris videos only on YouTube!

LMFAOwned 9

No, he's a dog exhibitionist. With the last pic, iicaptain, I'm pretty sure you've showed FML every part of that dog's body already. Sigh.

wow what 30? :) I think it's really sweet of him<3

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I wish most girls were as forgiving as you

helps when you've had so many jerks as boyfriends lol x

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he only spent 100$ or so on the ring? and he only dated you for 3 monthes? orshe gave ring back 3 months ago? anyway what's the fml, that he didn't buy you abrand new ring when he already had one?

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45- that's crazy, you look so young

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the flirt..... do u spend all ur time on fml? and what a douche

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what??? why would he even tell you 1. that it was in a pawn shop, and 2. it was his ex's first....yeah, I think I'd get out of that relationship quick!

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39 please enlighten me. Why do you think that's cute?

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How is this an FML? That's the nicest thing I've heard all day (cuz no one speaks to Chuck Norris or I'll roundhouse kick him in the nuts).

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lol 22 thats funnier each time

Chuck Norris, Chris Hansen is more of a badass than you.

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legonut, that's wise danzo's job

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#88, we speaking in third person? dwilliamson thinks User Chuck_norris is a hardcore ******

the truth comes out greedy selfish woman. its a big deal to marry the cow who gives you the milk for free. right guys.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Op, did you just give out your measurements as your name..? Also, your boyfriend is stupid for attempting to give you the ring his ex wore, and for telling you it was the ring his ex wore.

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Raleigh I thought the exact same thing when I saw Op's name!! lmao

My fiancé did that with my promise ring and I didn't care.......but then again he bought me a nice shiny new engagement ring. It's not where it comes from or who had it first, it's the thought that counts. Atleast he gave you a happy sheesh

dump him. next thing you know he wont buy diapers for your newborn baby.

88-so why would u roundhouse kick Chuck Norris in the nuts if someone talks to him? that's kinda like suicide. how will you defend yourself from his roundhouse with a broken foot from kicking steel?

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58 I know what an iPhone is I have the fml app just like probaly half the people on here do I was just wondering k?.

luckypants 17

I hope you didn't loan him the 40 dollars! What a creep (and an idiot for telling you about the ring being at a pawn shop, lol).

you're onto a winner there. Hope you have a nice ceremony

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Well... Atleast you're getting engaged??

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A bum is better than nothing. Maybe........ No nevermind it's not.

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A bum is better than nothing. Maybe........ No nevermind it's not.

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Unless OP has a weird bum fetish? yikes that's creepy!!! O.o

13= someone who got a random pick of a hot chick off the Internet like 99.99% of every hot girl on here.

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Why would you want a ring that was specially bought for another girl then pawned off like a cheap piece of junk?? Don't do it hun he's not worth it!!!

Not all girls do that.. like me, mine is definitely not. 13 looks real but yah, I would change that 99.99% to like 65% at the most.

smr i hav finally met some1 who speaks my home language

40 bucks for a ring? YOU DESERVE IT, because either you knew he was cheap and you wanted to marry him OR you didn't know him long enough to know he was cheap... and you still wanted to marry him.

Personally, I wouldn't care about the cost of the ring, but the fact that he bought it for someone else. I'd rather he left it at the pawn shop and spent $40 on one just for me. The only way I'd accept a ring he'd previously given to someone else is if it was a family heirloom, in which case he wouldn't have pawned it anyway. None of that matters, though, because if he can't make a $40 payment himself, he can't afford to get married.

last comment summed up= get him to piss off

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No is an option to both the loan and the proposal.

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Take the $40 and go out to the club and get wasted ... xD lmao

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ya & make him watch as you spend it on alcohol then puke on his shoes. oh wait ask were the pawn shop is buy the ring & then give him the $40 so you can watch him flounder as he figures what to do now that it's gone.