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Today, I got into my dream university. I also got turned down for the scholarship and the loan that would enable me to actually go. FML
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College students in the United States feel your pain all too often and our condolences are with you

If you're applying to go to a uk uni surely you don't need a loan or a scholarship; just use student finance? ?


Do they do student loans in England, or can you apply even after your first year?

Yes, that's how most people go to university here. Uni can cost up to £9k a year in tuition, plus £9k living costs, and you don't pay the loan back until you start earning over a certain amount, and you pay it back so slowly that they write it off after a certain amount of years.

If you're applying to go to a uk uni surely you don't need a loan or a scholarship; just use student finance? ?

Not if it's a private University. I went to the University of Buckingham and we only got partially funded by student finance. OP could have applied for Regents University London or Richmond, the American University in London. You would only get £6000 a year from student finance and would have to come up with the rest yourself.

There's always someone who is "interest"-ed in loaning you money for college.

I think a famous alumni of your university said - "If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?" It may be difficult, but we persevere, we don't give in, we don't give up, we find our way. If you are good at whatever you plan to do, money will follow and student loans will disappear.

Or not. I graduated college in '06 and got my MA two years later. I started looking for jobs right as the economy hit bottom, in other words. The jobs I cobbled together still barely covered the rent. I was lucky that I had my tuition covered by family and scholarship money, or I'd still be so mired in debt that I wouldn't be able to afford the mortgage on my home. That's not for lack of talent or hard work, either...just the reality of education and housing costs versus what employers are willing to pay. Most of my friends can tell similar or even worse stories. I work for a public college, and I could never in good conscience advocate taking out huge loans to pay for education. If the money students have to take out is the equivalent or more of the down payment on a house in their area (not the case at my school, but sometimes students apply to transfer to bigger-name schools elsewhere), I tell them not to bother.

I did say "if you are good".. If you're good at something that requires you to get a college degree you will be hired by the best in the business.. They can call it human resources or talent acquisition or any other fancy name, the fact remains that they are constantly looking for new people in the industry as old people have this terrible habit of dying and retiring and sometimes even the young do it too.. People need to be replaced.. Period. If you are good at what you do decide to get into; engineering, medicine, law, marketing, fine or performing arts or just about anything, you will be picked up by employers and you will be paid handsomly.. If you are average performing student from an average university studying a course that already has too many people in it, yes; forget about living and you Amy have to focus on existing. Not everybody gets to be Steven Tyler doing drugs and rock n roll into their 70s, some people need to be sandwich makers too.. But if you are a good sandwich maker you may have a michelin star restaurant or if you are an average sandwich maker you could be working at subway for the rest of your life.

mermaidkeels 26

College students in the United States feel your pain all too often and our condolences are with you

it's a bit late for uni isn't it? or even a bit early to be accepted anywhere? I

It can take awhile for an FML to get published. I submitted one in July and it only recently got published.

Surely there are more scholarships out there for you. I would suggest you ask however you can for help finding scholarships to help you.

I can't say i feel your pain entirely however I Just applied to my dream university in the UK and to a scholarship and I'm worried Like hell if the scholarship fails because there's no way in hell I can cuff up 30000£ so seeing your dream of going to this university go down the drain must be a punch in guts!

****** college... higher education and home loans are treated the same way in this country. I feel your pain OP -_-

If the Uni you have applied to is a well ranked one, you should be able to get a loan for it. Don't give up on your dreams, try and find a solution.