By Anonymous - 09/11/2012 18:28 - Argentina - Villa Sarmiento

Today, I was giving my son a driving lesson. He blatantly ran a red light, so I told him to pull over to let me drive us home. As I walked over to the driver-side door, he instead locked me out and drove off by himself. FML
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alexhaz64 4

Well looks like he won't be allowed to take the car anymore!


blcksocks 19

He is 60. I thought it was pretty obvious in the FML.

Probably a teenager, considering he's just now learning to drive.

Probably 15 but I didn't learn to drive or get a learner a until I was 17, and a license at 18 so could be anywhere from 15 to even 20 or so. It depends on the parents. My fiancé didn't get his license until he was 18 either. And honestly it's better to wait until 18 unless the kid gets a job because there are stupid 16 year olds out there who can't drive. Putting on makeup, texting, speeding, or just all around not paying attention. Same with people 17-70. I've seen it all.

twinny_sc 13

61-Then why is it better to wait until age 18 if you've seen reckless drivers of all ages?

61 - Not all countries have the legal driving age of 16. In Argentina, you have to be 18 or older to get a license.

tne201992 12

61- I've seen the same shit, but I haven't seen it all.

Guys, come on. 61 didn't say anything bad about 71+ people, she has just seen it all in the ages 16-70. Lets all get our license at the age of 71 to make her happy :D, who needs to drive before the age of 71 anyways...?

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You people realize that was sarcasm, right? I know it was stupid, but it was the first thing that popped in my head.

Llama_Face89 33

153- clearly you don't grasp the meaning of sarcasm.

Well how the hell did he make it home without killing himself?

alexhaz64 4

Well looks like he won't be allowed to take the car anymore!

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Thumb down all you want... But at a time like this, I would beat the shit out of him and not let him drive again. People complain that "Hitting children is bad and should never be done", but a little discipline here and there would put him in his place.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#47- You're right. Beating and abuse isn't good, but discipline definitely works. Sucks that so many parents are soft with their kids these days; doesn't teach them anything.

Yes, because physical abuse solves everything...

Hiimhaileypotter 52

52- I said that abuse isn't good. In this case, probably not allowing him to drive till he's 18 as well as grounding him for a long time would probably do the trick. But why shouldn't parents be allowed to spank their children as discipline?

Hey, he can't drive with broken feet. I mean.. Child abuse is bad!

#52 - I have seen the parents who respond with "No no sweetie, don't do that or you can't have ice cream and cake for dinner like you wanted" and the kids are unruly and nasty to their parents. Although I am an atheist I have to say that Spare the rod and spoil the child should be practiced regularly.

54 - I was referring to 47, who said they would physically beat the shit out of their child. Which is illegal I might add. And nobody has the right to lay their hands on anyone. As you stated, there are other forms of punishment that can be much more effective.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

#52, It isn't "Abuse". Abuse would be OP coming home every night and beating his child because he didn't have a good day at work. "Discipline" is when OP's ******** of a son runs a red light, which is dangerous not just for OP but his son as well, AND THEN locks OP out of HIS OWN CAR and drives off. That kind of behavior is intolerable. It shows the son has clearly no respect for OP, not just respect, but FEAR. Everyone to some point must "Fear" their father. "The Father" should be the the pillar that holds the house' structure together. The son should know that angering the father would lead to dire consequences.

JerryH 9

No, but that would be assault and OP could spend a nice amount of time in jail and a pretty little fine. Ive been assaulted by my moms boyfriend, i didnt do anything to force the terms, he just attacked me and broke my nose. If i would have pressed charges hed be in jail for a while and would have had to pay a finez

OP's son was not only a danger to himself and to OP, but to all others as well! I mean, how can I ever go out now when I know there's a maniac out there?!

CallMeMcFeelii 13

OP has the right to kick his kids ass. Who the hell wouldn't? Not literally beat him up but as others said before he needs to be disciplined. A few good smacks on his ass with a nice solid paddle would be suffice. Paddling is not child abuse, when I was young I'd get paddled if I did something wrong, and it taught me not to do it ever again. Corporal punishment is not child abuse.

The difference is that you didn't do anything and that wasn't your father, just your mothers boyfriend. OP's son needs his ass beaten. He probably got 5 minute timeouts as a kid and idle threats as a teen, which is why he has absolutely no respect for OP.

b_rad_fml 4

52/58 In this case a severe beating is warranted because if the boy got into an accident and hurt or killed someone it

#60 My dad was/is a useless alcoholic I feared him till I got big enough to put him down. Now my momma has my respect and my fear. I was always more afraid of her being disappointed in me and the choices I made then I ever was from her giving me the belt. But the belt definitely works for teaching a quick lesson in being more sneaky so you don't get caught for the stupid shit all kids do.

b_rad_fml 4

52/58 In this case a severe beating is seriously warranted because if the boy got into an accident and hurt or killed someone then the PARENTS would be wholly liable for any claims, no matter that the boy drove off on his own. If my offspring put me in that position, I would knock him into next week

b_rad_fml 4

63, sorry about your situation. You should've pressed charges against mom's bf! He's not family, barely has claim to raise voice against you, but OP has every right as parent to exact the severest discipline, and as long as he doesn't break bones or brains.

Jesus Christ, people do all need a Kit-Kat bar and take a break? You know, "give me a break of that Kit-Kat bar"

I think you meant to say, "Break me off a piece of that Kit-Kat Bar."

Don't make your son walk everywhere - ground him.

"City Police. How may we help you?" "My son is a dick head!" "Uuuuuh..."

How the hell did he get home without crashing?!

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Why did you put a winky? Where are you implying he went, a brothel?

A girl's house? A strip club? A BROTHEL????

Maybe the first lessons the kid was given were "stay between the lines, right is gas, left is brake, and don't hit other cars or people"

bizarre_ftw 21

120 - Assuming the next lessons were "stop at red lights, stop signs, pull over when ambulances come, don't try to pass on curvy roads, etc...." and seeing how he did with at least one of those then it shouldn't matter if he was "taught" the first lessons, because apparently he doesnt learn shit when his mum teaches him things Op should a) call a cab and go home b) report the car stolen to the police and the insurance company c) remove all electronics, toys, games, etc... From the kid's room d) cancel his phone plan and buy him a shit phone that only calls, and make him pay for it e) see if it's possible and, if so, revoke the permit f) pour herself a glass of wine, cut a slice of cake, sit down infront of the tv with a notepad and pen and scan the news for police car chases while making a list of what she plans to do with her new-found money now that she isn't paying for an expensive phone plan, allowance, christmas presents, school trips, or any ******* thing else for that shit-brained dumbass Oh, and when the police call to inform her her son is in jail, she should mention the glass of wine and say she'll pick him up in the morning, then enjoy time with her husband/bf/vibrator What kind of ****** thinks he can get away with this, either he grows a brain or we'll be watching him on "America's dumbest criminals" quite soon

Llama_Face89 33

139- well said! If I could thumb you up on this app I would..but your post is too big...

Revoke his driving privileges. He must learn there are consequences to his actions.

unlcuky 5

You should've made him get out first, then grab the keys, walk over and start the car...

You should do a degree in hindsight- you're good good at it.

I'm really not totally sure how OP could have seen this coming though, so I would not have really expected anything different from OP.

If you have told them to swap places and let you drive and they didn't start moving as soon as they parked the car, expect them to do something stupid like lock you out. Never get out of the car first when a teenager is throwing a tantrum.

Damn kids, driving you crazy. They never give you a break do they?

Yea, I forgot to turn it into a pun; I'm getting wheely tyred that's why. I'm exhaust-ed, actually!

There's the Pleonasm I know! Atta' boy!