By adogg18 - 29/05/2011 08:12 - United States

Today, I let my son drive us home. After just 10 feet, he crashed into a parked cop car. It was my squad car. FML
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sofa king we tar did!!!!!!!

macallan8 0

hahaha and how old is your son?


macallan8 0

hahaha and how old is your son?

he crashed while he was parked?

haha that's what I was thinking. maybe it's suppossed to say into a parked cop car

Eggers 2

13: how could it have been you if the op just said it was him. read the whole story next time, douche-bag.

I hope you booked him! haha

nooo, the son was in the cop car when he crashed it. the op let him drive it...

55- when 13 says something that stupid, he has every right to call him a douchebag

it's a joke, so your actually the douche-bag retard, have a nice day

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What does OP mean? :/ haha

#70 op means original poster

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original poster

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if that's the case, then op is even more retarded then I thought! my dad would never let me drive his squad car! he wouldn't even let me drive his crummy ass crown Vic squad car he drove before he got his charger replacement!

56, I don't think his son was driving the cop car. I'm guessing op let his son drive them home in their own personal car, then 10 feet later his son crashed into his parked squad car. saying this I'm gonna either say he let him drive home from his work or 10 feet away from their house.

If you don't know what OP stands for, you shouldn't be a member of FML.

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She's obviously new dipshit.

Is that so? Do you just pop out the womb knowing what OP stands for?

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It doesn't matter if he's old enough to be driving he needs to be in a parking lot practicing more! NOT THE OPEN ROAD YDI for letting him without much experience obviously he's not ready!!!

Brilliant deduction.

Your son is one of the reasons I don't want to drive. Wayyyy too many awful drivers in this planet, not enough good ones.

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my friend did that but with a bike

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who cares !

GuessWhatKids 13

Freeze is alive? Hrmm. Oh yeah, the FML. I think...screw it it's a stupid FML anyways.

heyy yur from sydney lol me too!!

^fuckin stalker... but yes this is unfortunate OP maybe you should let him drive in a much more secluded area.

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that's a fail

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That's a kid hitting cop car fail. if you sneezed during this video, bless your face.

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wtf? lol

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You know I love it when you like it.

woah lol I have nothing to say -.-

Eggers 2

apparently you do have something to say, moron.

and your still trolling, why the hell are you such a dick, you must hate your life to be trolling this bad

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agreed... gtfo and stop ruining the FML experience.

Omg 0.0 hahahah what a bad driver, sorry OP!

what does op mean?

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OP is the person that wrote this FML. :)

Oversized Package.

Ostentatious piranha

Combo Breaker! Or was it Omnipresent Pariah? I get those two confused sometimes.

Outstanding Penis

Otherworldly Parasite.

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overly sensitive pussy-fuck

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Obnoxious Platypus

InanimateObject 0

Obese Person

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ostentatious pedophile.

Original poster It's the person who posted first, which, in this case, would be the writer of the FML

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Ooooh feel so bad for you

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Guess who's never driving their dad again!

sofa king we tar did!!!!!!!

What are you saying?

Mak007 13

say it out loud....

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say what he wrote out loud, dumbass.

Say it fast, outloud.

yeah, say it out loud. add "I am" in front of it too mate.

I love this comment!

Ahhh hahaha how are you going to explain that one to the boss without making your kid look stupid???

I think the kid pretty much made himself look stupid.