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Today, I stepped outside the house with my wife. She looked up at the sky and asked me in all seriousness if stars are man-made. FML
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She obviously is if they're married.

If he told her that stars were a celestial body, she would probably think that THEY were the ones that made US.

I was going to make a joke about the south since you're from sc. But then again I don't want to offend anyone...

^Well, all the elements were made inside stars, so I guess stars did make us. Indirectly, of course.

I thought that the first elements were made in the big bang... and others in supernovae? Correct me if I am wrong I never did astrophysics.

Yay we are talking about my second favorite sub-subject

JerryH 9

Well stars are born from novas and supernovas but not all elements are found in stars. Like the sun, there are only 60 elements in it. But yeah all elements came from the big bang.

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All elements found in the human body can be found in stars and its pretty widely accepted that is were they come from. And the big bang theory no longer holds much ground in modern science, an implosion theory is more accepted than the explosion theory now. Or if you believe in the trinity than that pretty much means jesus (a man) made the stars in which case the wife is right. Either way ignorance toward a subject shouldnt be confused with stupidity failure to learn doesnt imply impossibility to be taught. Ps im a college dropout dont trust me, google it. Dont trust google either though...

89- supernovae are the end of a stars "life". After the Red giant phase, they blow up with kilotons of pressure. Thus making the white dwarfs. And since the carbon output during the explosion was under such emmence pressure, white dwarfs are earth sized diamonds. Sorry if I got to nerdy; I had to take Astrophysicisim a few years ago:)

AllThingsBright_ 11

Tell her you made them yourself out of Christmas lights just for her. I'm sure she'd think you're 'so sweet'.

At 108- Like I said, I don't want to offend anyone... Especially someone with a shotgun. ;)

olpally 32

15- I hope you see 3's sarcasm... And I hope you're being sarcastic too... Lol.

mduffy08 8

Can anyone else see stars actually being man-made?

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There there, patrickalamo. No need to speak so harshly about yourself.

olpally 32

She's about as bright as the stars she's looking at I'd said.

Considering they are many stars in the universe MUCH brighter than our own sun, using your logic, OP's GF is a f**king genius.

Wouldn't that mean she's smart..? Got beat to it. My bad

I'm sorry, I forgot that the Internet doesn't understand the sarcasm seeping off my statement.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

I don't see sarcasm anywhere. You know what I think? I think you made a mistake. And like so many people, you try to cover it up by saying "It was sarcasm!". No... It wasn't, we both know it. Now accept that you failed and that's it.

The blatant sarcasm practically drips off your words. But yes, this is still the internet. And no, people can't read sarcastic tones. I'd recommend avoiding sarcasm in the future completely unless it's obvious enough for a four year old to understand.

100.. I think you could be a little less of a douche. It was no mistake. When some one says something ignorant or stupid people reply with the " oh your a smart one". This can be generalized to my comment when some one says your a bright one, when they said something dumb. Me calling her "bright as the stars she's looking at" is plain sarcasm as calling her a "bright one". Now, before you put an ass hole comment, re think it first.

130- Maybe you should rethink the way you used "your" and change it to "you're".

140- Maybe you should spend your time doing something else instead of posting a useless comment?

Like how you're posting unless comments on the Internet?

Oh and so are you, maybe you should learn how to spell useless. Lookie what I did I'm being mundane.

Not only is it EXTREMELY original, they are also only the second person to say that in the comments!

She doesn't sound smart enough to be a keeper... she seems better suited for a beater.

In hindsight that looks like I'm suggesting OP go all Chris Brown on his wife's ass. That was a Harry Potter reference.

Agree but it got destroy so yeah but it was use to be there

Ohh no u were good no need to change it i actually am very sorry for the comment sides ur jokes always made me laugh keep it up

Pleonasm, I always read your comments in some kind of witty, analytical voice with a splash of british accent lol. Anyways, don't worry, we will probably see it rebuilt in the new Star Wars movies

I'm sure there will be another one. Except this time made by a walking talking mouse. And it will have big round ears.

39 - Are you taking the mickey? (pun based on british colloquiallism) Anyway, it would be called the Wish Star not such an uncooth thing such as the Death Star!

Speaking of puns do u guys notice the name of the op on this is a pun to the wife question

Wish I may, wish I might, first star I see tonight. Please don't obliterate my home planet.

Doubt that going to happen but to be safe go on a vacation

and the second..and the third...and the fourth

and the second..and the third...and the fourth

and the second..and the third...and the fourth

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Don't say anything. Just smile and pat her on the head.

yessy729 0

Pat her on the head? I don't think he wants her to get any dumber tho ...

olpally 32

she just went full retard... wow... lmao

ideasrule 13

Penny isn't that stupid. Remember that episode where Penny got exasperated by the stupidity of Zach, while they were talking about the Moon?

Yeah, Penny isn't stupid. She's just not a genius like Leonard. A better question would be if his wife is Forest Gump.

tne201992 12

Penny isn't that dumb, but damn shes gorgeous!! lol

Optimistically she was asking whether celebrities (stars) are made by a male (man-made) or female majority.