By whitefox123 - 20/09/2010 00:07 - United States

Today, I was riding in the backseat while my mom was driving. Noticing she was driving way over the speed limit, I opened a police siren app on my iPod to make her slow down. When she realized, she pulled over, kicked me out of the car and made me walk home. FML
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green_eyes124 0

haha that app is annoying. my brother gets me all the time : )


DaleksAreEpic 0

next time just tell her to slow down lol

FirstBornUnicorn 0
sheribb 5

wow your mum needs to take a joke and SLOW the hell down !!!!

Chaith 16
Mars_Bars_Big_Na 0

aww come on u guys y'all wuld do the same thing

yeh you're right, she could have because she was speeding dumbass

7 you can get in an accident from speeding. so dony call him a dumbass.

64, I'm going to assume you mean "can't", because otherwise your comment wouldn't make sense. My Dad's been in 6 near-death accidents from speeding or being sped into, so stfu.

morganrules123 10

91 I think 64 is under the impression that 7 is being sarcastic.

7-it is probably way more dangerous to startle a driver than it is to speed. You lose control when someone does something stupid like playing a loud noise suddenly as oppose to speeding. OP deserved it for distracting the driver. NEVER DISTRACT THE DRIVER.

chogle 8

I wouldn't say that a police siren is distracting as much as it is alerting. Almost any driver would slow down when they hear a siren like that.

Not really just the same as if a cop pulled her over so your point isn't really all true all the time.

green_eyes124 0

haha that app is annoying. my brother gets me all the time : )

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cheergirly16 0

how could she not tell it was coming from inside the car? lol,

Shookitup 0

She did know, that's why she pulled over and kicked him out.

She obviously could tell, that's why she kicked OP out of the car.

RollyPollyTrolly 9

Now I ask myself why is number #6 so dumb? But there's no need for more of an obvious answer, she's a cheerleader that explains it all.

ohthebloodygore 16

32, wow. So, she's an idiot because she's a cheerleader? You're an idiot for stereotyping.

Shookitup 0

Don't be rude to her, save the cheerleader....... save the....(you fill it in) :D

FirstBornUnicorn 0
Shookitup 0

Well originally it's "world" if you watched heroes.

FirstBornUnicorn 0

Yeah I know it's world. I only know that by watching G4 and the annoying Heroes commercial comes on every 5 minutes. It gets stuck in my head. I can hear the Asian guy saying " Save zhe cheerleader, save zhe world".

haha, that sucks... I'm conflicted... this is like a FDI or a FMI....

thebigtwinkie 28

...I've been on FML for about a year and a half and I have never seen FDI... what does it mean exactly?

bluntcunt 0

hahaha classic.. but it does sucks that she would take it that far and kick you out of the car!

schwancy 2

Overkill. You could have just asked her to slow down.

Peacemaker9 7

lol both of you got owned! op your mom was just better though.

crazedcabbages 0

YDI for not just asking her to slow down, but FYL for having a mother who would risk her childs safety all because she got tricked -__-