By sad as shit - 1/1/2016 00:41 - United States - Conway
Today, my life finally seemed to be getting on track after recovering from major depression, paying off most of my debt, and scoring an amazing job. And then I woke up. FML
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  PencilTips  |  19

He can still wake up, and fight depression, and strive to feel what he felt in his dream. He shouldn't just stop at his dream. OP, you should use this to build up your determination of getting rid of your depression and managing your life!

By  danceinconverse  |  25

I do the exact same thing, dream my anxiety is gone and all the things that give me the most anxiety I can do with ease. Realizing it wasn't real is the worst. I'm sorry OP, I know how much it sucks, but try to keep your head up. You do have the ability to get through this.