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33 is obviously taking this fml personally. I'm sure her soap box is going to collapse under her weight any minute now so she won't be all high and mighty much longer. :/ OP should've mentioned a bizarre medical condition of that is the case, after all that would make the fml more intense. Self induced obesity is more likely the case. Sorry

  Randuhh_17  |  4

lol, your funny.

Correction, not personal, I just don't get my kicks on making fun of someone.
That's the thing with people like you these days, you don't take other people in consideration.
Talk about me, dislike my comments, I don't care; cause I know I'm a better person than you.


Bigger is not always better. You cannot summarize my whole personality just because I shot down your overly defensive comment. In your own words "You can't just assume things." You keep mentioning how little you care yet you're still commenting.

Go to bed now, you don't want to miss the school bus; Heaven forbid you have to walk.

  Kawboy  |  1

57. we get it, your a saint! your better than us :/ I'm a sinner and guess what? I'm lmao right now :) atleast op might be able to win a wet t-shirt contest!

  Randuhh_17  |  4

-65, whatever, like I said, you assume.
Just because I took up for someone, you seem to want to bully; I'm sooo fat.
Get a life, and over yourself.

And for the school fact, I see you checked out my profile to learn my age, you should've kept reading.
I graduated, you dumbass! No school.

And Heaven forbid you get a real loser.


I didn't check your profile. I have a real job. And as irrelevant as that remark was I'd like to clarify that I make 15 an hour, no less than 8 hour shifts (usually from noon to midnight or later depending on the location) my last event tipped us 120, leaving me with a forty dollar bonus, And that is nothing for a fifty person private party. We usually average 200 to 1500 people. Might I ask what your promising "career" might be or should I just google burger king employee benefits?

  Juliaa15  |  6

You both sound incompetent. Stop arguin online and go get in a barfight or something. Or just take it to private messaging.

Insulting someone you don't know is on the immature side. i know I kindaa just did, but... hahahhaha you deserve it. No one wants to see your petty argument.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Thanks for my fml laugh for the day. Seeing a snookie wannabe making a duckface in her profile picture was enough even before the high and mighty attitude in the comments.

No need to feed the trolls people. She's only acting like a bitch to get attention.

  DocBastard  |  38

Randuhh, I'm going to make this simple - if you've been here for any length of time, you will see that the majority of the commenters are here to make fun of the FMLs, not to give advice. Trying to be helpful doesn't make you any better than the rest of us, so get off your high horse, please.

flickyourbic1223 - are you really bragging about making 15 dollars an hour? And about making a 40 dollar bonus? Seriously?

You people need to grow up, shut up, and take it to PM.


Yea I am. I'm in my 20's (way young twenties) and I probably have more benefits than her parents. Like I said I was only pointing it out because she told me to get a real job. What could you say about your job when you were only 21?

  dreamering  |  16

62. Who mentioned y’all in the post?
If you are having explosive diarrhea, I suggest you to run to your shithole, otherwise you might leave some shitty marks all over the stairs, carpet and on the floor.

  california283  |  6

that wouldn't be a "problem" then. it would mean he's well endowed which is generally a good thing. if they told him he needed a dick implant then it would be an FML..

  lulututu  |  4

Y'all is a word you idiot. Get a dictionary. You never heard of you all? And smiley faces are used to express yourself they aren't anything to do with vocabulary. Think before you say something:D