By Anonymous - 02/01/2014 21:50 - Puerto Rico - Arecibo

Today, my father took me out for some driving lessons. I accidentally reversed while still in the driveway, and I instinctively hit the brakes. In my panic, I accidentally let go of the brakes, and ended up reversing straight into our house, all while my father yelled "NOOOOOO!" FML
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hockeygoalie13 15

Yikes. You might want to practice somewhere where you can't break anything. Empty parking lots are nice.


michaelaranda 28

that is a really pointless comment. as for op, tell your parents to take you to an empty parking lot if they let you drive again

Can't have been that bad if the car was only moving cuz he took his foot off the brake. Don't worry OP we all have driving stories like that from when we were first learning.

I can safely say lucky I have no story when I began driving because my first experience was a life or death on the freeway!! Crazy....

#29, I was confused about that. how is it that he instinctively steps on brakes and accidentally lets go of the brakes? "I instinctively opened my parachute but in my panic I forgot to open it."

REALAfroninga 11

YDI. People have awkward moments when they are pressed into something that is new or threatening or nerve racking. I first drove an electric toy jeep before I was in kindergarten, then I drove quads, then I drove a guys dirtbike every now as again, now, I'm 18 and have been driving an actual car for a while. It was a natural transition. OP before you get into a car, learn the feel. That's why your foot didn't work with your head. If my car does something I didn't intend it to do, which is rare, I usually address the problem in under a second. It's a feel, not just some thing you hop into.

sounds like you two had a productive crash course

You know what the problem was? Your dad. Seriously! When I was learning how to drive, I only managed to make progress once I kicked my dad out of the car. After fifteen minutes of watching me drive perfectly, he was allowed back in, and kept his mouth shut for the rest of the lessons. Did wonders for my skills.

96, I don't think the father was the problem here, at least when judging by the wording of the FML. Unless, of course, the father forgot to explain where to find the break, gas or how to switch gears. Somehow, however, I doubt that he forgot that. I think it was really just the OP being way overexcited, then panicking and trying to "hit all the buttons" when things didn't go as he expected.

Your dad is a moron. Seriously. The second he gets out of the car the insurance that covers a learning drivers mistakes is null and void.

At #29 I first started driving when I was 10 and I never had an accident and hopefully never will have. I did however drive onto a cone once but yeah, if op made an honest mistake then hopefully everything turned out okay even if it was on purpose the horse hopefully didnt get hurt too bad.

@#107, same. I started driving young and this has never happened to me before. That's why I practice in open parking lots first

Same here I started driving at age 12 and I haven't had any accidents

JuliaaNoelle 26

I hit a mailbox the first time I ever drove... F our lives, OP

jazzy_123 20

I almost crashed my dad's car into our fence when I was first learning. I hit those brakes hard! haha. When we got out to see if it was ok, I was literally 2 inches from hitting it. That was a close one x)

I'm pretty sure running into your house is a little worse than hitting your mailbox

Are people really that bad? the first time I drove, it was in an industrial area 30 minites from home, drove for 15 minutes there, and then I drove perfectly (according to my dad anyways. I got lucky with my parking...) all the way home in traffic. How do people not know how to control a vehicle?

Same here #62. The worst thing I ever did was tap my neighbor's garbage can and even then I only did that because there was a dog without a leash in an area where I couldn't see and the person watching him wouldn't move him.

jazzy_123 20

62, everyone is different. At first I barely moved my arms to turn the wheel which made it difficult. Also, my dad was too precautious and it scared me. It wasn't until I did go carts that I understood I had to maneuver my arms more and use my body more than I was. It would have been helpful if I was told that sooner lol. So now I tell my friends who are learning to drive and it makes much more sense to them as well (:

SuperMew 22

I was in a car accident the first time I drove. However, it was the other drivers fault and no one was seriously hurt, he just ripped my bumper off. It scared the shit out of me and I have been a cautious driver ever since. However, my cousin is a very bad driver and has always been rather clumsy. She lost control of her vehicle and ran into a cow field. Then she hit someone's dog. She hasn't driven since.

I ran over someone's grandma the first time I used reindeer to maneuver my sleigh. -Santa

The most I hit the first time I drove was a curb, so I guess I did pretty good for 5 years old! (I only sat on my dad's and steered [he doesn't always make good decisions], but I still count it)

Christmas is over, 90!! Stay away for 11 months. >:p Still thumbed you up for making me giggle.

You people are all that bad? Really? Wow. First time I drove was on a public street, day time, other cars around. I hit NOtHING... It isn't that hard to not hot something... YDI OP for being an idiot.

hockeygoalie13 15

Yikes. You might want to practice somewhere where you can't break anything. Empty parking lots are nice.

The good thing about growing up in the country is learning to drive on all the forgotten dirt roads. The bad thing about learning to drive on those forgotten dirt roads is getting so bogged down in mud that your father has to push you out and try to hide the evidence.

Yeah it also helps (not saying OP's dad is a nervous wreck) when the other driver with you is calm and confident, although I'm not sure how confident I'd be if my child was backing up into our house. My mum took me up to the military base near where we lived (the maximum speed limit is 40 km) a couple times before I ever tried the open road or driveways.

juan3611 14

Sounds like there is a story behind that one lol

The first time I ever drove my mom let me drive a few blocks up to my grandparents' house down a narrow road. My brother started yelling that I was getting too close to the cars parked on the road, not realizing that I couldn't move any closer to the other lane because there was a car headed toward us. This made me freak out a bit especially since my mom was telling me one thing and my brother was telling me another.

jazzy_123 20

parents need to understand that when teaching us to drive they can't freak out because that freaks us out. I have my license and my parents still freak! One of my friends isn't as experienced so I teach him a few things and I don't panick. And be drives like a maniac; always speeding, but I've told him to improve that. You can't scare new drivers because that's how you'll cause an accident. Oh and also, for months my dad wouldn't let me turn on the radio or anything! But it worked because I'm probably the best driver out of all my friends (:

Depends on how the parking lot is. My first time was at an empty parking lot at a skiing resort, meaning big snow piles that acted as walls. My dad sat next to me and I blacked out, stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake, forgot to turn the wheel and drove into a snow pile. But no worries, the car is fine, but I will have to wait a while to drive that car again... :^/

dextrementor 24

Is this perhaps your first time behind the wheel?

Someone needs to brush up on their common sense and critical thinking skills.

dextrementor 24

He didn't state in this that it was his first time driving, maybe his dad just decided to try to teach him again himself rather than spend money on drivers' training.

My dad taught me to drive a car when I was 15 and I still took driving lessons just for the insurance benefits just cause his dad is teaching him doesn't mean he's to cheap for the lessons.

Where I come from you have to go through driver's Ed I you under 18.

I think that should be true everywhere I have nothing against parents helping there kids practice but someone with a licence to lose should be teaching them the proper way as well

Im guessing you wont be driving again...

Your dad said "no" but your legs said "yes" to screwing up.

That sentence works just as well to another situation fathers would rather their children not get in ;)

Hope the damage wasn't too bad. Practice makes perfect though :) I nearly ran numerous people over when I first started to drive

Nearly? I actually did hit people! They were okay though.

Rainhawk94 27

She's in England, I'm in the USA, yet i still feel endangered

God damn! You people SHOULD NOT DRIVE. It just takes common sense to not hit something. "People in front; stop." "Drifting left to curb; steer gentle to right." It isn't ******* rocket science. Holy **** people.

hate to burst your sexist bubble but the gender symbol is for a boy

nightowl713 25

It happens to the best of us, OP. I hope the physical damage wasn't too costly and the emotional damage was low. Learn from this mistake and try try again! :)

No, it ******* doesn't. Backing into a house doesn't EVER happen to the BEST of us. We don't have to be reassuring or coddle on every single one of these. Sometimes the person just screwed up, it's their fault and they need to live with it without being coddled.