By hcditfi5foygy
Today, I learned that my new neighbour's car alarm goes off every time a car drives by blasting loud bass. So far, it's gone off 6 times in the last hour. I can't wait until he's done moving in here, where he and his car will stay for the next year. FML
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By  darkshadus  |  10

get a hydrolic jack and raise his car at a 45° angle and it will shut off then you have the added pleasure of him either trying to remove said blocks or if he is an idiot try to drive didn't here this from me but did you know that if only 3 of your tires get slashed car ins. won't cober them


That isnt true. Plus you would have to be an idiot to claim insurance for a slashed tire, the deductible alone will cost you more. I have my tires insured from a tire store where its covered for free for anything. Without monthly payments.

  AlyCo55  |  12

And make sure to play it after he turns his off

By  Charlie Given  |  23

If talking to your neighbor doesn't work talk to your building manager and if that don't work figure out what side of his car has battery is on take that tire off and cut the cables 😈

By  rodfergie  |  18

A car alarm going off all the time, especially at night, is considered a nuisance. Tell them that you wanted to warn them, because some of your neighbors will get upset and call the cops. Then if it goes off call the cops, and act like must have been somebody else.