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Today, I had to present a program to my supervisors in University. Not being a native English speaker, I used my own invented abbreviations for parameters in the program. Apparently STD is not an appropriate abbreviation for "standard deviation." I can still hear them laughing. FML
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Marrach 7

How would you know? Were you there..

Well, I was pretending they used abbreviations too, that could possibly be related but also mis-interpreted as the popular "what the ****" and "laughing out loud." I guess it sucked; no luck today! I'll go back to bed.

Funny thing, but it IS appropriate (though usually written as Std or std and not STD). Some people will snicked because they aren't math/computer people or are just immature.

djigsup 3

In C and C++ coding it is pretty common for codes to start with Using namespace std; And this does mean standard.

theten_fml 9

"Finding the STD was a long and rigorous task. After hours of work I finally got the STD. My mother must be proud."

perdix 29

#28, funnily enough when I learned C and C++, sexually-transmitted diseases were called VD (venereal disease), so when they changed it to STDs, I was able to be like a C++ programmer and deal with the polymorphism if the letters.

This must be the least funny comment I've till now seen been thumbed up so many times. I think FML is being populated by 13 year olds - who else could possible find it THIS funny...? :|

OMG what the **** with u he was JoKING around and pretending and u are saying how do u know I mean that just rude and naive

75, did you have a stroke half way through writing that comment?

Hey what do u have with 13 and14 years old

I am pretty sure Std is an abbr for standard as well. I am like 70% sure.

Aren't they called STI's now anyways? You'd think professors would be more mature than this...

I know this is the most active part right now so I have a few question since I am new 1 when people say message me is there a button for that or what 2what is thread jackers 3how long does it take to get ur fml on this and finally 4 are u allow to have pics of ur self

unknown_user5566 26

102- 1) You can only message from the website. 2) You are threadjacking, my friend. It means you post a reply to someone else's comment that has nothing to do with the original comment. 3) You may not ever get an FML published. It gets moderated by the community after you submit it, so if it's not "good enough", it won't be published. 4) Yes. But keep your shirt on, don't use a duck face (unless you want to get verbally murdered). Welcome!

Thank u soo much u are such a big help

Another lesson, spell out your damn words and get better grammar.

To add to 103, in question 3, the fml will only be looked at the day you send it in. So, if it hasn't been published that day, it never will

Marrach 7

Its okay OP. Just laugh it down and you'll live.. But better luck next time.

blcksocks 19

I am glad OP doesn't work in retirement services. guess what's the acronym for "Half Earnings for Retired Personnel Early Severance" is..

I think OP's superiors are just immature. My chemistry teacher used "STD" for standard deviation, and English was his first language.

Marrach 7

Throughout Grade School, it was really annoying and common for something like the word "Homophones" (I believe thats the word) for everyone to crack up.. I mean seriously, grow up!

I would look up the abbreviation on Google to see any other uses for it.

itsame0987 18

The abbreviation for standard deviation that has been used in every math and programming class I took in college was std. I think op was right, and the supervisors are just immature. Even college students didn't laugh when the professor used it. Fyl op.

Bliss391 7

I had a similar situation, I had fallen asleep in class and the teacher called on me to read from the book, being still have asleep I read the word organism, only to have it come out as ******.

I've done that before. And also have read "bowls" as "bowels" in front of a church youth group.

alphaskater09 9

I thought this was funny. Op is just being crabby.

When they laughed, he should have pointed at a co worker and said: "Hey, this is her piece! "

yessy729 0

I'd probably nervous laugh & say "I'm just kidding"

tctheamazing 7

That would probably make things worse than just admitting the original mistake of not actually knowing.

Hey there #60 you're lookin' fiiiiine. But anyways yea, OP should just go with the flow and be like "PROBLEM?"

Instead of an abbreviation why not use the Greek letter sigma? That's more universal than made up abbreviations.

By program, I believe OP means a computer program, so that would be a pain to key in and depending on the language, it might not even compile. I always use stDev when I have to reference standard deviation. :o

Alt + 229. If they are speaking English its most likely they are using an English keyboard. Or go to the ASCII list and select it.

In programming you usually can't use symbols to denote a function. It probably had to be a string of letters.

stdev is usually what I use and have been taught to use, just fwiw

You probably should've spoken to a student AID counselor to help with your translations. Otherwise, your chances of being taken seriously are gonorrhea.

Nice one, ManInTheMachine, now give me a HI V! (5)

Man, the Staph at the university sound like dicks.

loserboii 11

No they just didn't like herpes-entation.

I sure hope they were considerate enough to clap.

_DeRpS_ 6

Lol OP it may be embarrassing now, but you'll be laughing at it too soon enough. Plus they probably like your presentation even more now that you made them laugh!

I frequently have to give my presentations in a language that's not my mother tongue. Go over your presentations with a native speaker in advance, and don't get upset when people laugh at stupid jokes.

Your supervisors are idiots. STD is a common abbreviation for standard deviation.

RedPillSucks 31

that's what I thought also, but its been a while since I was in college. I would think people in the same field wouldn't have been so immature.

QueenPersephone 9

Yep.. I'm an ecology student, we use stats all the time. Standard deviation = S, SD, STD.

yup :) in my stats class I had some immature guy who'd always giggle at that.

i was taught that the abbreviation for standard deviation is SD