By fhe - 16/04/2012 15:52 - Puerto Rico - San Juan

Today, I was fixing a leak in the roof. When I was climbing down the ladder, it fell, but I managed to grab the ledge of the roof. The ladder hit my wife's car, then I fell on top of the ladder. My wife came running out to ask what happened to the car. FML
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jerseyboy732 16

I'll be the first to ask.. are you ok OP?


JayJaysGirl 0

Depends on the car...are we talking Hybrid or Lamborghini?

its ok Griswold. im sure the family truckster wasn't hurt to bad

SosaChristian 1

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I'm going to be that guy: It's*, I'm*, too*.

Wife- ARE YOU OKAY Husband- I'm ok Wife- not you, ass, my car

Wife: Oh no! My poor BABY! Husband: It's okay honey, I'm fine. Wife: *Runs and hugs car* Husband: -_-

60- You forgot to correct his punctuation while you were at it, tool.

Quit being such an uptight prick, tool.

Not a family til they stop giving a shit about you.

LoveMay 10

The ladder died of severe metal hemorrhaging, very serious for the ladder kind.

Jakesterk96 8

^It must be serious if the ladder died.

^ I wanted to do the "hardcore" ^ thing to

KiddNYC1O 20

Most likely an SUV. Women love SUVs.

tylersign 11

I'll bring that bitch and SUV. Bitches love SUVs. Sorry..

What is SUVing? A verb I've never heard of!? Is it Shakespearean?

tylersign 11

I'm not sure why I put "and" instead of "an". But.. Nope. It's not Shakespearean.

She probably didn't know you fell too until she got out there.

she was too busy cutting her thumb on his sponge cake.

jerseyboy732 16

I'll be the first to ask.. are you ok OP?

He fell off a roof onto a ladder. Of course he's okay

Of course he was, otherwise the FML would have said he got seriously injured or something similar.

Injuries sustained in during an FML don't have consequences. Of course he's okay!

Welp now you know what'll be the end of your marriage. Damn cars, always ruining them.....

GLaDOSv1_09 19

You should always be careful; dented cars is the third most common reason for divorce, behind adultery and leaving the toilet seat up.

The real question here is... What happened to 1,2 and 5?

jerseyboy732 16
perdix 29

That's what you get for asking if she bled on the sponge cake. Karma is working pretty fast these days!

perdix 29

Ah, so you are saying that you think like me? It's flattering, but I have to warn you: among normal people, that is not considered something to brag about ;)

And yet you just explained it to all of us what she was asking. :P Hope you're okay.