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Today, I got fired for taking time off to see my sister in the hospital after she got in a car accident. Before I got fired, I found out my boss took time off because her horoscope said she should. FML
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That can't really be a good reason to fire someone?

Tell her to shove that whoroscope up her ass and if you took a full day off to go visit someone at the hospital that's not really necessary, especially considering your job obviously isn't going that great if you get fired over something like that, so be careful next time. Sorry about your sister.

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Tell your boss that his horoscope includes a painful moment in his life and then kick him in the balls as hard as you can

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hJahaha that's funny (: to bad Forr you

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lmao! I always listen to my always seems to be true!!!! freakkaay.

Horoscopes are srs bsness Complete exaggerations that you trick yourself to believe but still!

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op didn't say they took the whole day off. op "took time off" which sounds like the sister lives out of town... just a guess : )

Not that this isn't a FML, it is.. and in this situation, no one deserves to be fired. Even if somehow you were, you should stand up for your liberties and not blame situations (not that it has much relevance since you were saying what happened SO FAR, just saying that you deserve it if you don't do anything about it)... the only thing that really makes this a YDI (besides protection of civil liberties) is that you clearly have such a close-minded mindset. Your boss can take personal time, therefore, he can do with it what he wants. If you're so close-minded that you clearly felt the need to mention that you judged his horoscope decision, you'll attract bad shit to you. He had no right though to fire you for that unless there are hidden details though and/or he was looking for a reason. Btw, if your boss has to take "time off" from a superior, which it sounds like... a company like that should have a human resources off... just saying. ;) But do try to be tolerant in the future.

Damn, 29, I couln't have said that better, myself. Couldn't have said it worse, either.

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haha I agree 32, I got lost and gave up reading it : )

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you should know by now that your boss's can do what ever they want cuz the only person they answer to is their boss

Sorry guys, I like was lost on clarity at the time. I don't know what was up... anyway, point is, kinda deserves it for being so close-minded but he definitely should be standing up for himself. Government pretty much hands everyone protection and he's not taking it.

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this is why people want to be the boss

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hopefully tomorow his horoscope says to hire an old friend!

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I'm just going to go with what 29 said ;]]

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first I would like to say, I'm not the type of person to say "you should sew them cause they _____!" normally but yes I would haveto place a law suit against them. in the military, if your sisters in the hospital you can't take time off to go see her!

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urban dictionary queef cordon bleu

What's with your same comment on every FML. If you need to go play COD instead of wasting time on this

This FML sounds fake and/or exaggerated. YDI OP for posting a lame FML.

76, you're way wrong. The US military is great about letting you take time off to go see family in need. My brother and I are both in the army and when I was sent to the hospital at Ft. Lewis, WA after getting wounded by a roadside bomb, the army had already flown my brother from Ft Bragg, NC to meet me there.

hahah my comment got moderated for saying OP exaggerated. ha! laaaame. well anyway, you still deserve it for not being completely clear on your companies policies and not double checking for permission to take time off. sooooooooo, you're fault for not clarifying.

FML(A) - Family Medical Leave Act. Siblings count as immediate family, even if you do not live in the same household.

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WTF the boss sounds like a bitch.

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1 looks like a kid who goes to my school

#19 My experience with horoscopes haven't been good. They tell me that I'm a quiet peaceful person and I'm going to be associated with good people my whole life. I've stopped reading them. Probably just depends on the person

**** OP's life, and **** the world that people like this exist and can live with themselves. Blood is boiling right now. Arg!

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i wish I could get off work because my horoscope says I need to.

Bosses are allowed to do what they want, darling, whenever they want. The sooner you get used to that, the longer your employments may last.

exactly! I couldn't have said it better myself! sounds like OP needs a straw to suck it up! :)

You two are stupid. His ******* sister was in the hospital from a crash, yet the boss thinks it's okay to take time off because if her horoscope? That's TOTALLY fair, and he should TOTALLY suck it up because his sister is seriously injured. *sarcasm*

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9 years later and you still suck

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Aww :( That really sucks. Dont know how you could deserve that, so fyl. :(

It's good to be the king. Do you think you deserve the same benefits as your boss?

Exactly, they're are benefits of being a boss. Sure your reason was more important, but being the boss he can make any descisions he wants. Sorry Op, you just got to remember that it's always going to be #1 and then #2.

that's stupid you shouldn't even think about complaining bout your boss taking time off... he can leave or stay when he wants... suks bout ur sister but you probably earned getting fired YDI

your an asshole. obviously op didn't deserve to get fired due to a family member being injured. so shut the **** up. the boss should be more understanding and not so self centered.

actually, maybe she or he worked a demanding job where if she took time off unexpectedly, the company losses money because they don't have the right people to fill in; then she or he deserves to be fired. sorry bout your sister, but you might have deserved it. maybe he or she used up all they're vacation time already and the company needs you on those specific days for different reasons. also, don't be so closed minded about your ex boss. he made it to the point and was sucessful enough to become boss so he can do what he wants in respect to what he does with his holidays, he's earned it. ydi

87: or the boss was an asshole. you don't know the whole story. maybe op worked at a fast food resturant we don't know. so maybe you shouldn't be the close minded prick assuming op had no holidays left or that they just had to be at work due to things like busy days or not having enough staff. maybe the boss should be more prepared for when staff have these kinds of family 'emergencies' for all you know ops sister could have been severley hurt in the car accident and could have been dying.

Hey now, family comes before work. Always. I don't care if I'd get fired, I would take time off to visit my sister in the hospital.

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that sucks but I agree with the rest your boss can do that.

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You can only see his lips and chin how do you know he's hot?