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An English teacher once told me that there is a possibility that Shakespeare was actually multiple people. I guess because the books have such different writing styles from each other, even within the same book sometimes. I personally don't care enough to put energy into it though. The theory makes sense, him being one person makes sense. They're great books, so whatever.

  interesting33  |  36

It is a blobfish - they live in a really deep part of the ocean but when they are pulled up there is less pressure so they kind of go all floppy. That is a dead blobfish - when alive and at the right pressure level they look very different.

  cameosurgeon  |  16

My AP Lit teacher was just talking about this today. There are tons of different theories as to whether it was actually William Shakespeare who wrote those plays, if he was even a guy, or if it was many different authors.

  anniemeece  |  23

But seriously. I can see why you wouldn't want to argue over it with your mother AGAIN, but I think this question as to whether Shakespeare truly existed or not is a really interesting question that we have yet to answer completely. The same sort of debate transpires for Homer's existence.

  Buhhhlainaaaa  |  16

The man William Shakespeare definitely existed, we have found records of his baptism and death (nothing of his birth). The question isn't if he was a real person, but whether or not he actually wrote all of the plays and poems.

  Zanquis  |  22

This is actually the most important part of the FML, which i also was asking myself and a lot of people seem to miss. For all we know OP is someone who also had a argument claiming the Titanic was only a movie and not a real boat.

  Mr23  |  9

That's a pretty important question, since, while there's no doubt a person by the name of "William Shakespeare" existed it's less clear if he was the one who wrote all the famous plays.