By Hammy - 25/11/2014 02:17 - United States - Ann Arbor

Today, I finally noticed how lonely I am when I realized I was petting my couch while reading a book. FML
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MzZombicidal 36

Awww, may as well take the next step and get a few cats! :P


MzZombicidal 36

Awww, may as well take the next step and get a few cats! :P

For a second I thought you were about to say "May as well take the next step and start making out with the couch".

MzZombicidal 36
Epikatz 22
cryssycakesx3 22

the guy that lost his virginity to the couch...

Read books in a park! You might meet people who share your interests?

badluckalex 23

we all do strange things when were bored

AnOriginalName 19

Bored? While reading? You've got it all wrong!

PSYqualiac 17

If you're not absorbed into the book, you're not reading right.

It's okay, sometimes you just need to stroke the fluffy wall and pretend like Jeffry never existed


You're not the only one that does that OP, I sometimes hug a pillow pretending it's a person

Get a dog, they make wonderful reading companions :) Mine's cuddled right beside me as I read this :P

eh, dogs can be a little intense. Cats are definitely lazy, cuddlebugish creatures. So are dogs when you think about it but whatever..

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I love my dog because if I act like I'm excited and want to play, she will happily run outside until she can't run anymore chasing balls or tree branches (she's got to rip all the little limbs off of branches, they piss her off), but any other time if we're calm she usually is calm and content to be lazy. :)