By magicman - 04/07/2012 09:04 - United States

Today, while riding my bike on the sidewalk, I came across a ladder. To avoid bad luck, I swerved around it into the street. I got hit by a car. FML
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I'm sorry but I read that whole thing as "today while riding my bike I swerved into the street and got hit by a car". YDI.

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How about next time, instead of rushing to be top comment, you actually put somthing funny or at very least not blatantly obvious.

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don't say something stupid just cause u know ur gonna be first.

*sees ladder* Smart Person: I should probably slow down and maybe stop. Idiot: HELL YEA I'M A BADASS I'LL JUST SWERVE ONTO THE STREET. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG??

Reminds me of the Bad luck Brian meme.

Good luck and bad luck aren't even real things, so this FML could have been avoided by any reasonable human being.

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74- but reality is so lame. That's why there's good luck, bad luck, and karma

So you guys are telling me FML only has room for witty comments and not pointing out the obvious? Figures.

Saying "ouch", "that sucks" and other comments are completely useless. They do not contribute to OP or us. Wouldn't you prefer advice, witty and entertaining comments?

Lol, youre all looking into this far too much.

What does it matter if the comment is witty or not? Ignore it and move on lol.

Exactly. Who knows what would of happened if he went under the ladder. It could of been World War III

It's not really karma is it? They didn't do anything bad to another person, they just weren't very aware. Ftw lmao.

If OP was riding on the sidewalk, then it's karma because that's illegal.

Happle, I think it depends which state/province you live in. I could be wrong about the US, but in Canada it's either provincial or municipal law that determines it.

No ******* way I'm riding on the street. Give me a damn ticket for biking on the sidewalk, better than getting murdered by these shitty Utah drivers.

Nah being hit by a car is very revitalizing to the skin and body

That's basically what 1 said. And you saw what happened to him.

Hopefully your bad luck is over! Sorry, OP! :(

Stupidity*** bad luck had nothing to do with it. Op could have swerved into traffic or ridden under a ladder. Doesn't seem like a tough decision to me.

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21- I know the decision was simple. OP did the right thing obviously! Go under the ladder and have nothing happen to you or go in the street and get hit by a car! OP good job! You avoided years of "bad luck" by only getting hit by a car. Pshhh this is not a FML this is an amazing life experience!

Thank you sooo much for that comment. I was already losing hope that I'd find one like this.

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hehehe. It wasn't a Friday the 13th when this happened, was it? Joking aside, better to just ignore superstition and go under the ladder to avoid colliding with cars and putting yourself and others in danger.

Do you mean that literally? The ladder may have been made of iron!

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59- my birthday next year is on Friday the thirteenth. My full name is thirteen letters. I have the rarest eye condition at my age. I like to believe its not just a superstition

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Safety before luck..hope you get well soon, all the best, good luck!

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Who the hell believes in 'bad luck because you walked under a ladder',c'mon people it's 2012 not 1012.

If its truly safety before luck, shouldn't you have finished your comment with "be safe"?

Who knows, maybe you just took it the wrong way. If you went under the ladder, you would of been hit by a car, ran over by a bus, a bottle rocket shoved up your ass, and raped by a Uncle Sam looking guy screaming "Merica!" You got the easy way out, if you look at it the right way.

flashback.miss 28

O______o''''' 7, how did that pop into your head?

Would've= would have, not would of. You've been doing it wrong. Now you know!

Ouch, you should've just went under the ladder, but hey, it would've been better hitting the ladder than the car.

thePr3da1i3nrulz 4

YDI for being a dumbass and swerving onto the street over a little superstition.

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9- so what that still doesn't mean OP deserved to get hit by a car?!

I know right.. I walk under ladders all the tim*gets hit by bus but somehow manages to type all this*

Well if you swerve onto the street where cars drive it increases the chance of getting hit by a car by a lot. OP should have either biked in the bike lane it one was present. Or the smart thing would have been to dismount and walk around with his bike.

thePr3da1i3nrulz 4

Exactly. So he also deserved it because a moving vehicle isnt exactly somthing you dont see coming so if you was that focused on a ladder and avoiding bad luck to miss a car coming toward you and swerve in front of it, well...

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There is this little thing called look where you are going. I know bikes are really hard to stop and all so when you see a car coming clearly nothing you can do. Ydi moron!

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Agreed, completely. Also OP is an ass. It is called a sidewalk, not side ride. Bikes belong in the street unless you're 5