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Today, I was eating out at a restaurant with my family. My dad had drained most of our bottle of wine, so thinking he'd be a little less uptight than usual, I reached over to pour myself some. He swatted my hand away and started yelling at me for being a "degenerate drunk". FML
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Just out of curiosity, how old are you? No matter what, he's definitely a hypocrite. Sorry!


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This happened today with me and my mom, she bought a twelve pack of Bud Light Platinum and wouldn't get me a single Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Sorry 38, but why would any self-respecting parent freely give their 14 year old son alcohol? Don't worry about it, and be happy that your mom seems to be responsible!

39- my self respecting dad would buy me alcohol he figured it better to let me have a couple at home instead of me getting into trouble... But Idk maybe that makes him a Terrible parent.

46-there is a difference from what your father did and what a responsible parent would do IMO. I think getting you alcohol would encourage you to experiment more freely and cause a higher chance of getting in trouble because of this. I don't mean you were/are a drunk or ever were irresponsible, just it's how I think most kids would react. I am personally proud that I have never been drunk before, but my brother started when he was 17. My parents allowed a beer with dinner at 18, but they were always DD's at 3 am because they knew that it was more important to get everyone home safe and not need to worry about drunk driving because he was scared of getting caught. They never punished him for drinking, they knew it wouldn't stop him so why cause the mistrust? He never drove even a little buzzed because of them and now at 22 he is a very responsible drinker and has never over done it.

39 and 50, the legal age to drink at home in England is 5. In public, it is 16. By the time you are 18, it is legal for you to buy it yourself.

46- If your dad gives you alcohol to stop you from drinking irresponsibly and causing trouble, he must not have very much faith in your ability to do the right thing. IMO, it would be more wise for him to not give you alcohol, and let you make your own mistakes. It may sound harsh, but how else would you learn about being responsible? It's not as if it's mandatory to get hammered drunk and knock over mailboxes.

67- Good point, I thumbed you up. Still, I stand by my principles. I can understand an occasional sip at 5, but those years of brain development are so crucial. Not to say that Europeans are brain damaged, far from it. But it may hold some people back from their full potential. Just my opinion, no offense is intended to you or anyone.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Just out of curiosity, how old are you? No matter what, he's definitely a hypocrite. Sorry!

Having a couple of glasses of wine with dinner doesn't mean the dad is automatically a "drunk". He might just be a concerned parent that doesn't want to give his under age kid alcohol. . . Again unsure of the OP's age.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I wasn't saying that the dad was a drunk, simply that denying OP alcohol when he himself was drinking is hypocritical (unless, of course, the OP is under the drinking age, in which case Daddy is completely justified).

That's what I'm thinking.(: If the OP isn't underage then I don't understand the father's actions. Just because an "adult" drinks a glass or two doesn't make him a hypocrite in my eyes for not giving some to his kid. :P

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It was was over in England so my guess is the kids probably 15-17. A few years under the age but not much by their standards.

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Also you can drink a glass of wine or beer at 16 years old with dinner, with parental consent

The father didn't have a glass or two. He had almost the whole bottle. A little more then a glass or two. So dad is a hypocrite. Wine > beer in alcohol content.

29 - So let me get this straight, because OP is from England then ultimately that means he's drinking underage? Yeesh, way to stereotype.

70 - That wasn't stereotyping. Like 56 said, you can have a drink with dinner at 16 there with parental consent.

73 - "a few years under age but not much by their standards" is a stereotype.

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Ask him to take a look in the mirror.

I'm starting with the man in the mirror..

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Are you by any chance under age? It's obviously a problem in your family, he's just trying to stop you from becoming him.

How can you tell if it's a problem just from this? Just because he can drink a lot in one sitting? My parents like to share a bottle of wine once in a while, but they aren't alcoholics. OP's dad just doesn't want him to drink, probably because he thinks he is too young.

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Well first of all I covered the to young part. Second of all the word choice says allot, read between the lines, "less uptight than usual" suggesting op has tried to get a drink before. " degenerate drunk" so there is obviously a problem, it also shows the father is worried, meaning there is something to worry about. I can go on into more detail, but I think you get the idea, now you try it its fun.

21, you're likely reading too much into this. Don't be condescending. You don't know any more about the situation than anyone else. Also *too young and *a lot

Yeah, none of your reading between the lines suggests that the father has a drinking problem, only that he is worried about his son. Thanks, 26 :)

The dad drained most of the bottle, then started yelling in a restaurant. I've known problem drinkers, so this sounds familiar.

my dad drains a few bottles with my mom every night. they def drink more than anyone I know.

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If you are underage then you shouldn't have gotten your hopes up.

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I would say "Look who's talking..."

Most bottles of wine only hold 3 maybe 4 glasses. Clearly not enough to get him that loose that you should think that he wouldn't mind you drinking some. (I'm guessing you're under age.)

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It doesn't take that much wine too loosen people up.. My mom only needs one and she's feelin good.. Two and she ecstatic!