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Today, at dinner, I accidentally let it slip that I'd taken a small sip of alcohol a few years ago and hated it. My extremely strict parents are now trying to get me into rehab. FML
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Your parents are abit over the top...

abdinoor 0

I wonder what they would do if you said you liked it.

I don't get why OP chose the name ApparentDrugAddict instead of ApparentAlcoholic

They tried to make her go to rehab, OP said no,no,no.

Maybe they are a bit over the bottom? Hehe

yamatelle 19

WARNING: Consumption of alcohol may cause you to roll over in the morning and see something really scary (whose species and or name you can't remember).

Congrats, you made the most obvious comment ever.

When I picture drugs, alcohol doesn't come to mind. Think about it. People usually say "drugs and alcohol."

I prefer a bit of UNDER the top, if you catch my drift :D

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I drank a whole margarita when I was little. My aunt left it on the table and I took it :P but i just thought it was a slushy in a nice cup lol :)

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So... Go to rehab and waste their money :)

I'm pretty sure alcohol, technically, is a drug.

TheRealHouse 7

It is.. but so is sugar, caffeine, chocolate etc. The only difference between any of these and the illegal or controlled substances is the intensity of thier effects and the degree of potiential for abuse. Think about it. We have a white crystal that is processed out of a plant and used daily to alter your mood and give you energy. Is that coke or sugar? I'm not saying coke isn't bad or that sugar is as bad as coke, but they are both drugs and they are both addictive, albiet one more than the other.

Maybe Op is one of the people who think alcohol is a drug

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I agree.... My parents were happy when I told them I hated it....

i get the opposite treatment being in a russian family. they encourage me to try their drinks ha.

I'm not sure if she understands the word "strict"

I feel your pain. My grand parents call it the juice of the devil. I think they skipped over the part where Jesus made water into wine. :|

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Alcohol is a depressant, just like marijuana and ecstasy. (I think ecstasy but I'm not sure. Don't take depressant seriously that's just what category they go under.). Alcohol is arguably worse then marijuana when consumed in high amounts. The category of depressant is what let's you know that they are quite different from sugar and caffeine, also common sense. These are just some facts and opinions I want to share. I do have a more detailed personal opinion on the matter but every time I share it it is not respected and I am overly judged by it. It also starts raging arguments on fml. It is probably best left untouched.


119- no one cars about that crap

My mom gives me 2-3 bottles of wine. Every day. Before I go to school in the morning with my Dora backpack.

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Alcohol really isn't a bad thing unless you over do it. They need to chill out.

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@119: marijuana may be a depressant, but it works wonders for masking pain, especially in cancer patients.

119 - ecstacy can be an upper or a downer, as it can be made with either coke or heroin, unless its pure x, then I dunno which category it falls in. Simple truth about most drugs, they are generally harmful to your body, but they can also be enlightening if you have the self control to not do them constantly. If you dont have good self control, you probably shouldnt do any drugs for fun. Drugs are fun, but addiction can ruin your life, and generally cause you to hurt people you care about. And if you have a problem with me thinking drugs are fun, please know that I couldnt care less

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not really she took a "sip of alcohol years ago" I'm sure many kids her age are latterly drinking and doing a lot worse.

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You should have been thinking of your arranged marriage to your uncle or your polygamist pastor. Get your head out of the gutter!

OP's parents are going to turn her into a drug addict with their own craziness.

Really? How does she deserve it at all? I'm pretty sure that every kid has had a small sip of alcohol by the age of like 13...

StopDropNRoll 11

If they don't let her have alcohol I don't think they'll approve of what your thinking ;D

Would have been more of an FML if OP took that sip when she was OVER 21.

Haha true but actually I'm really wondering because it says OP "accidentally" told them implying she wasn't supposed to, and "a few years ago" which implies to me that she was also too young

I think the majority of the people drink alcohol when they are too young, and then I didn't even mention the parents who let their little children take a sip of beer.

Yeah I know. I had that opportunity to try a margarita that had very little alcohol but i didn't really want to. ABOVE THE INFLUENCE!

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I'm one of those kids whose parents let them try beer at age 5. I'm 21 now and still don't like beer but give me a Mike's or a margarita any day.

My parents would sometimes let me take a sip of wine or beer, I learned really fast that I didn't like red wine or beer lol. One time at a restaurant this guy gave my dad a weird look after he let me have a sip of his wine lol

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Well like when your in a wedding, aren't you supposed to drink champagne as a part of the toast? I'm pretty sure that's okay lol

#74 agreed, beer tastes terrible Give me a shot of tequila instead

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I've seen kids who would take a sip of wine at a wedding and their parents say something and they walk to the bath room. One time I followed him in. Turns out he was "apologizing to god".

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This remind me of the time when I was watching TV with my mom and a Mike's Hard Lemonade commercial comes on and she says, "Hmm.... I wonder is that's any good." Without thinking I ALMOST blurted, "Yeah, it's pretty good."

lildoo 0 for you mabey you should say anything about that shoots

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haha double fail... shouldn't and shots(;

DKjazz 20

Mabey he did, mabey he didn't.

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Love your profile pic bahahah "the **** bruh" Ah, for the FML, that does indeed suck and FYL for strict parents.

Ooo.. Slipped a doosey. Convince them your no alcoholic, then, when your in the clear, come home wasted. Spite.. -.o

I think if she could convince her parents she wasn't an acolohic,she wouldn't be in this mess in the first place

They'll say that denial is the first sign of a problem. :)

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Ya maybe that jus might make it worse... If this was jus frm a sip jus imagine what they would resort to next

TheRealHouse 7

Imagine what they will say when they catch you on such a vulgar website lol. I feel for you op my parents were very strict and a bit nutz too.

Cynic8387 17

Parents like that are the reason kids leave home at 18 and never call. And then the parents wonder why.

Susieee_Q 9

This reminds me of the Southpark with the two home-schooled kids. And at the end, the sister becomes a **** because Kyle kisses her. Might be a silly way to put it. But it's exactly right. You shouldn't shelter your kids like that. You gotta let them be and accept that bad things will sometimes happen to them so that they can learn to deal with them when they come across them.

ukrage 1

southpark = lowkey solution to all the worlds problems

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i didn't like alcohol, too, when i was young. i cured myself by steady drinking, all without a rehab.


Remember AA is for quitters.

what's the problem if you didn't like it?

Susieee_Q 9

There is no problem. There lies the "FML" part....