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Today, my daughter used the kids potty chair on her own for the first time. Bad: The bucket was not in it so poo hit the floor. Good: she tried to clean it... Bad: with her socks. Good: she decided to clean the socks. Bad: she used the wall. Good: she finally called dad. FML
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Udxero tells us more.

Okay, I wanted to clarify a few things for some people. During this event, I was in the living room she was in her bedroom. She was actually laying down for bed; this was close to 10:00AM she was supposed to be already sleeping. So I thought she was already asleep. As for the bucket in the potty chair, my wife decided since my daughter is a big girl we would place it in her room, so if she needed to go at night she could. A bad decision on our part I assure you. She removed the bucket herself before the post occurred. Again she was lying down and suppose to be asleep, I did not know she did this either. Needless to say the potty chair is no longer in their room.

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love the way you wrote it


anyone else agree that this fml would be 10 times better if it ended with Bad: I'm dad. FML



anyone else agree that this fml would be 10 times better if it ended with Bad: I'm dad. FML

Reyo 2


the OP is dad =]


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I can see your future: a flaming retard with less than half a brain left. Seriously the kid is young so obviously she wouldn't understand that. At least she tried to clean up her mess and had the brains to call someone who knew how to clean up the mess. Seriously if all you will do is consider little children to be as smart as you then I wonder how smart they will be when they grow up.

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104, you're an idiot. his daughter is probably... 4? Maybe? And OP is her dad.

I can't help but laugh she Seems so cutee awwwwwwww =] atleast she tryed

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Reply to #2: I hope you never have kids, you're going to be an overprotective nervous wreck. When you have children your house generally doesn't have "things that could do her harm" around every corner. Also, by the time they are old enough to use the potty on their own they don't need constant supervision, it's not like they just learned to walk and are falling all over the place, they generally can talk and move about quite freely by this time. Lighten up. At #13 you're an ass. OP welcome to the wonderful world of potty training, we've all done it, we made it through ok!

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Where does it say the kid was left "home alone"? Idiot. The wording was cute, OP, and your daughter sounds adorable.

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You know... After reading all these FMLs... Maybe children SHOULD be supervised more, haha. Anyways, OP: FYL. On the brightside... She didn't use your pants like I did when I tried to wipe myself with my hands....

thanks for your comment #38 i have three year old twins that are potty training. My husband and i are very attentive parents (then again, we have a VERY small house so they can't really get out of earshot), thus not leaving "medicine to be mistaken for candy" anywhere where a child can get to it. The bathroom door is always open to them if they need to go and potty chairs are at toddler height so there will never be the "slipping and falling on the head" you speak of, and where does it say anything about the child being left home alone?

Seriously, what house does not have hard floors. Carpet or not, it is still very hard, and a child could find a way to get hurt in a padded cell.

lol true true i ran into walls as a baby... lol i still do op sucks for u

I completely agree with you kids from ages 0-3 should not be left alone

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You're retarded

It's funny how #38 is getting buried for wanting to keep children safe...

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I didn't think the FML was that bad. original at least...

you an the FML have something in common then. -_-

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omg that's nasty but hilarious for us to read!!!!!!!!

Thats what you get for teaching your children to be independent.

he wasn't teaching her to be independent he was teaching her to poop in a toilet!!

WTF is wrong with you! Everyone wants their child to be independent eventually.

That is really funny! Cute way to right it too.

love the way you wrote it

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I lol'd at this FML. To the people who take FML too literally: lighten up and don't bother coming here if all you can think about is trying to sound smart by accusing FML's to be fake regardless of the fact that this site is just here for a good laugh.

hahaha this FML is funny