Anger management

By FML - 08/12/2013 18:00 - Puerto Rico - Cayey

Today, my dad came home drunk off his ass. So drunk that he couldn't manage to open the refrigerator, and ended up punching it in a fit of rage. When I tried to calm him down and get him to bed, he told me to fuck off, and grounded me. FML
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He probably won't remember grounding you...

OP you tried, maybe when he sobers up you can tell him about it and he will take it back.


OP you tried, maybe when he sobers up you can tell him about it and he will take it back.

I believe that OP's dad will realize what he's done and say sorry to her. YLS OP for having dad like that.

Drunk people suck. They don't even know what they're saying half the time, don't sweat it OP. Sorry about your dad :/

Why is no one concerned about OPs dad being an angry drunk? Who cares if he got grounded his dad is going around punching fridges! That's NOT okay!! Your dad needs to not be intoxicated around you and should feel ashamed. If it's a repeating issue then he needs help. Sorry OP but that can't be happening.

I would punch you in the face, honestly.

Say nothing. If he was that drunk, what are the chances that he'll even remember.

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It's worse that OP is a girl. Where's the mom in all this? Somebody has to be the sober voice of reason

He probably won't remember grounding you...

He'll wake up with a broken hand and piece it all together. With any luck his good hand is broken. Now is the time to take charge OP.. Strike while he's weakened!

International law states that drunk grounding has no legal standing. Consider it void and null. :D

#2 Unless OP has the bad luck of Bad Luck Brian

Next time just leave him to pass out on the kitchen floor

Jeez that's one hell of a father. Let him be, he won't remember anything in the morning.

Maybe he will need reminded of the raise he gave you

If he grounded you after he sobered up.. That's just ridiculous. Otherwise I think you're more or less ok!

At least he probably won't remember anything tomorrow.

He probably won't remember that he grounded you after he sobers up.

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By the sounds of it, he won't remember it by morning!

Dont worry too much, hopefully he won't remember! FYL

Hope a drunk punches him in a fit of rage >.>