By FML - Puerto Rico - Cayey

Anger management

Today, my dad came home drunk off his ass. So drunk that he couldn't manage to open the refrigerator, and ended up punching it in a fit of rage. When I tried to calm him down and get him to bed, he told me to fuck off, and grounded me. FML
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  JesterJosh  |  5

Why is no one concerned about OPs dad being an angry drunk? Who cares if he got grounded his dad is going around punching fridges! That's NOT okay!! Your dad needs to not be intoxicated around you and should feel ashamed. If it's a repeating issue then he needs help. Sorry OP but that can't be happening.

  Odis12  |  11

He'll wake up with a broken hand and piece it all together. With any luck his good hand is broken. Now is the time to take charge OP.. Strike while he's weakened!