By Anonymous - 15/05/2015 23:55 - United States

Today, I came home to find my dad drinking. Trying to be cheerful, I greeted him with a "Hi, dad!" He sighed, shook his head, and said "It hurts me when you call me that." FML
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Nolimit2217 32

He must be delusional. Being called "dad" is one of the best things ever.

A07 48

Maybe next time try "Hi, Papa"


Maybe he doesn't mean it.

Men speak truth when they are drunk

Definitely not true . I always lie when I'm drunk. "I swear I only had two beers." "I'm not that drunk." "Just the tip." So on and so forth

Then he hasn't drank enough

A07 48

Maybe next time try "Hi, Papa"

Rather get back to him and call him DAD the whole freakin day!

Nolimit2217 32

He must be delusional. Being called "dad" is one of the best things ever.

Depends on the context. In bed? If you're into that. Not knowing you have a child? Nope. Handing over an alimony check? Hell naw.

Or maybe the dad's feelings were hurt because he thought OP was accusing him of being "HIGH" vs drunk. Lol

Ooooh, that would make sense, #35 xD

So are we gonna start using "drunc" to say goodbye? ;)

It must hurt to see him like that

Midlife crisis? Doesn't want to be reminded of his age maybe?

Call him Victor (unless his name is actually Victor) to annoy him! He'll soon be begging for you to call him dad again xD

badmandilon 19

He probably don't think he deserves being called dad when he knows he is doing something bad.

plot twist, maybe he is not the real dad

May be he is not your dad. Perhaps your mum cheated and got pregnant with you but he forgave her and stayed married.

Dad escalated quickly o.O

Dad was a pretty poor attempt at a joke.

Dad's enough bro.

Dad be a fair request.

Dad pun is starting to get annoying.

I thought we were taking a break from dad.

HeadlessSparrow 20

What he said reminded me of Eeyore.

sorry to hear that OP! Maybe he was just in a bad mood and had drank too much and said something he didn't mean