By itstillhurts - 21/12/2009 04:23 - United Kingdom

Today, I was down the pub with a mate and we got onto the subject of bar fights. I said I thought being glassed wouldn't actually hurt that much. My friend looks at me, calmly finishes his pint and then swiftly smashes his glass over my head. Turns out I was wrong. And we got kicked out. FML
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i woleheartedly enjoyed how english that fml was!

xd0rkiee 0

Why would you even think that? Yes, pieces of glass flying onto you and cutting your face TOTALLY does not hurt.


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he probably didnt deserve glass being smashed over his head, but he did deserve somthing for thinking that a glass smashed over his head wouldnt hurt that much

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It really DOESN'T hurt. My friend and I were dancing like idiots on the dance floor just fooling around. I drank some of my beer and he pulled some kind of mind-blowing dance move while accidentally smashing the pint glass all over my face with my elbow. Other than going to the bathroom to clean the blood off my face from the small cut between my eyes I was fine. It was actually quite epic, the largest piece of glass left was the base, the rest was shattered. With my face. Yay.

Also, it hurts less if you get hit by a full beer bottle than an empty one because although the bottle is heavier, the liquid tends to cushion the impact of any shards, reducing the risk of lacerations.

This was totally from The Departed. "What are you on your period?"

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He deserved glass being shoved into his skull? You've got problems #1

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Why would you even think that? Yes, pieces of glass flying onto you and cutting your face TOTALLY does not hurt.

Yeah I know right, it's not like you could get blinded or anything.

consider the fact that most bar fights are drunk ones

Bad teeth. Inflated sense of entitlement. Snobby.

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cyberhoy totally has his head on straight. i say: ydi for bein british AND fyl for bein british. so this is a lose lose situation. sorry op. but not really

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ya that sucks that ur a dumbass ):

haha, I don't see what is so british about this except maybe the word "pint" at a stretch!

"Down the pub with a mate", Americans would say "at the bar with a friend"

The word "glassed". Nobody says "glassed" except the British, probably because people in other nations do stuff like OP's friend less.

People say "glassed" in Australia, but it usually refers to someone smashing a glass or bottle and holding the remaining base while they stab out with the rest.

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idk where you came from, but it appears to me that you think the world is exclusively what you see.

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There's stupid people EVERYWHERE, Sherlock. 'In other nations'? How ignorant can you be?

YDI, but FYL too for having such a retarded friend.