By Anonymous - 26/07/2015 14:27 - France - Paris

Today, my friends showed me a video of me blind drunk last night, getting into a fight with my front door. The door won, unlike my face. FML
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You took that “I ran into a door" excuse a little too far.


Trying to delete this comment, how do you do it?

Sorry I was trying to put something funny, but it ended up being stupid, but I don't know how to delete a comment because I'm a dummy as of FML. Get as many downvotes as possible!

You took that “I ran into a door" excuse a little too far.

Ramos808 29

How exactly does one get this drunk?

Yeah, it's not as if there aren't enough clues on the way there, that tell you you have passed the stage of "pleasantly buzzed" and are about to enter "I'll clearly regret this tomorrow". It's all about knowing when to stop.

JustinJK 21

Sometimes you're having too much fun and before you know it, you're belligerently drunk. Shots. shots. shots.

Work hard, play hard. Or hit the door hard.

iPixelCheese 19

"And today in this type of a lifetime will say Mr. OP versus the door!" "Oh and OP three the first punch, no, make that two, three!" "Oh the door retaliates! That looks like OP is dazed!" "Oh and OP kicks the door, and he comes back and pummels OP!" "Down goes OP! Down goes OP! The door is the champ!!!"

I hope the door doesn't have too much pain

At least your friends were nice enough to take a video of you getting hurt instead of helping you

Not saying this was the case because they were probably just too busy laughing, but it's a common tactic of friends of an alcoholic to film them while drunk so they can see how stupid they look.

They are helping him for the future.

He fought the door, and the door won

there is a song in there somewhere... I think I'll just replace door with law... totally original, never been done before... I'll be rich and famous, I can feel it.