By Anonymous - 24/12/2011 02:49 - Australia

Today, I was out clubbing, when some bloke at the bar started trying to pick fights with everyone. Trying to defuse the situation with humour, I said, "I used to be a tough guy like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee." The next thing I know, I have a broken nose. FML
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"I used to tell people took an arrow to the knee, but then I took a fist to the nose." - OP

I used to hate that quote, but I took a Skyrim to the addiction section of my brain.


kickazz16 15

Don't start things you can't handle. It's common knowledge you don't mess with people like that. Just take experience from this.

Damn_Hippster 11

I use to be an arrow like you, then I took an adventurer to the knee.

superguppy19 3

How about shove that arrow up ur ass with a cool story hoe while your at it

Except op wasn't starting anything, they were trying to stop something.

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NotsoobviousTrol 5

His speech skill wasn't high enough

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Next time use juggernaut. Might limit the damage.

People don't post this for advice guys

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Today, while at the bar, I was trying to pick random fights with people. The someone told me, "I used to be tough like you. But then I took an arrow in the knee." Next thing he knows, he has a broken nose. FTW. Btw, the meme says "in the knee" and has a period after "you". I'm perty smart, ain't I?

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Surprised 10 comments and no one even responded to how number 1 read the FML completely wrong, or even responded to number 1 at all..

natas_fml 13

32 responded to 1. Should have fus roh dah'd him across the club.

ThereRNoWorries 5

Someone is just getting a wee bit too serious on this FML post.

PlastikSeraph 2

OP, you should have brought some curved swords. CURVED. SWORDS.

You should of took some MW2 pain killer right before, you would be practically invincible -_-

I used to be a peacemaker, until I took a bottle to the nose

asoptavlo14 6

129- you like grinding my gears don't you..

Did you lose a hundred gold for losing the bar fight?

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I used to hate that quote, but I took a Skyrim to the addiction section of my brain.

Ok... I have to admit you won at that one

flockz 19

gamer guys always have the fastest fingers. i would know because i game about 18 hours a day. ladies are you listening?

4, it still has comical value in certain situations. This is one of them.

OP used to be a giant douche, but then... Oh, wait, never mind. It hasn't changed.

Trix_Disorder 20

I love how fast people ran this meme into the ground. It was somewhat of a record I think.

nixter5 18

I used to do those arrow to the knee jokes, just like you, but then I took a ****** to the penis.

210 - You're 16 years old. I believe that is illegal in any state in the US. The people who talk about their sex life on the Internet usually are making it up anyways.

4- i agree 100% mate... If anyone was dumb enough to use the arrow to the knee comment as a joke to calm me down. I would ram an arrow in their knee and see just how ******* funny it is

Uberhaxornova actually made the quote funny in his happy wheels "walkthrough" xD

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asoptavlo14 6

235 is just angry because "it's" still a virgin.

wutzup 0

I used to hate that quote... THEN I TOOK AN ARROW TO THE KNEE lol

Stop hatin haters. Haters be learners.

To take an arrow to the knee is actually slang for getting married. If you think about it, you kneel when you propose to someone, and would likewise if you were shot in the knee.

"I used to tell people took an arrow to the knee, but then I took a fist to the nose." - OP

I think he mistook the bloke for a coat rack

60 Yeah. I missed an 'I' in the sentence so I corrected it.

It is actually not that impressive. I don't mean to sound offensive but just because you couldn't catch it doesn't mean someone else can. Wow, still sounds offensive. Well go back and read my comment in a Donald Duck voice, hopefully that helps. I get what you mean about the mentally thing though. Our minds came with autocorrect when we were born. Like for instance when someone tries to speak like Yoda, sometimes don't notice I. I have to read it again to notice. Tl;dr? Yeah it was kinda boring.

The i goes between "people" and "took" never noticed it till you said somethin then i felt the desire to look:)

^ He said "I used to tell people took" I missed it the first two times I reread the sentence as well. :P

I used to read Gruggle's comments, but then I took a palm to the face.

I used to read dune and make my username ... Oh but then I grew up.

I use to make arrow in the knee jokes, then I got a life.

268- hey at least you finally figured that out!!

I used to make arrow to the knee jokes, then I took a ****** to the penis.

NotsoobviousTrol 5

I used to say things like that then I took an arrow to the knee

In Soviet Russia, arrow takes you to the knee.

If an arrow had a knee, it wouldn't be a good arrow.

Almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

bizarre_ftw 21

96, that's an odd way of doing it, personally I'd knee the arrow. Eh, must be from Canada, odd place up there, moose with tiny brains and hockey players that have a tendency to kill people. See down here it's the other way around apparently. The border, it would seem, acts as a mirror

HetaliaFreak 10

191- Why is it that ALL your comments have thumbs down?

Because 191 doesn't think before she posts, thus leading her to sound like an idiot. Sad but true

Honestly, 191 is one of the very few people here whom i have not yet had the desire to punch in the face.

An arrow to the knee? Shove an arrow down the throat!!

^ Gurgles, LOL ROFL. i used to be like you until i took an arrow to the knee.

Lol, if you think you're going to get your average Internet user to use proper spelling and grammar, I've bad news for you.

Gurgs, is your first day on the internet honey? Just recognize that so many people on FML take it all waaaay too seriously. I think you're trying to be a grammar nazi but your trying to be polite about it which is just making you look silly. No need to correct people on here. It just starts stupid pointless arguments.

JustStella 28

Ugh, Youtube all over again... LOL, Still an over-reaction.

KingOfAmazing 9

It's NOT a YouTube thing, it's a skyrim thing. An annoying skyrim thing, but still a skyrim thing. If you're going to complain, get it right.

Obviously no one's been on YouTube for the past month besides the King and I.

LaColombianita 26

I guess you know not to mess with him now..?

emmanizzer 6

No. Now he knows not to make that stupid joke any longer.

These "taking an arrow to the knee" quotes are never going to stop

EvilTwerp 12

I thumbed your comment up because of your username!

Not until skyrim gets old, which is when elder scrolls six comes out