By AntSimo - 19/05/2009 07:46 - South Africa

Today, whilst presenting a report to the head of my college, I was arrested by a police officer for assault. I was in a bar the night before and accidentally bumped into a local tough guy on the way to the toilet. I got punched in the face. The witnesses got our names mixed up. That'll look great on my CV. FML
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A CV is short for curriculum vitae or more commonly known as a résumé.

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Wait what? Who pressed the charges if not you?


WTF? I don't know about this one...

What? Go explain yourself.

You're lucky he didn't urinate or defecate on you. Don't screw with people on their way to the crapper!

Now you'll meet a different tough guy, your new boyfriend / cell mate.

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Wait what? Who pressed the charges if not you?

The state probably.

I would think that the mark on your face would be enough to prove YOU were the one who got hit.

HAHAHA NUMBER 4! wow you better go find those witnesses!

if you got punched why weren't you the one to file the police report? then there would be no mix up on the names.

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He could've just stopped in to use the bathroom