By dayumm_shawtyy - 21/12/2009 01:29 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight. Instead of taking me home like he told me he was going to, he pulled up to the gas station, gave me $6, and asked me to go pay. As soon as I walked inside, he threw my bag out the door, and drove off. FML
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alright. lets get a few things cleared, i never cheated. and he was already my ex boyfriend, we were just trying to work things out. he got pissed off because i told him i was done with his bullshit mind games, and if he couldnt make up his mind i was out of there. he couldnt handle the truth. then thats when the yelling started. the guy turns 19 in 5 days. i think every girl can agree he needs to grow some balls and handle things like a man, not a little kid

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DoomJeff91 2

If getting gas costs $6 where you live, your life is definitely not ******.

Uh, you meant to type ex-boyfriend, right?


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@10: I hope your boy/girlfriend or significant other will be nice to you just for the sake of using you as a free taxi and nothing more : ) Fights are usually a normal part of relationships. It's really a jerk move to leave someone stranded in the middle of nowhere...

@peoplersodumb: really? i usually dont defend the op ever, but you are such a ******* idiot. if you have never been in a fight then you've never been in a relationship. that shit happens. that guy was jus a douche about it.

Today, I got $6 for doing basically nothing. FML What is wrong with people with their entitlement issues and whatnot?! Geeze.

Reyo 2

Now I know this was "childish" of the boyfriend, but it's still a little bit of a YDI. You really should've predicted such a thing. Hell, you should've found another way home. Phone a friend or something. Tell them "Hey, Bobby's being a jerk, and I don't trust him driving me home tonight, can you come pick me up?" Trust me, it is NOT a good idea to ask favors of people who are pissed at you, ESPECIALLY those who have recently become pissed at you. What did you think would happen? Did you think that you'd go out for some Ice cream, have a few laughs, and then go your seperate ways?

Nikki_Wonder 0

PeopleRSoDumb... You are a ******* retard.

To those who think she deserved it because she "should've known" it would happen due to having had a fight: Spats happen. That does NOT give either party the right to engage in abusive behaviour. Abandoning someone puts them at risk. The fact that the abandonee trusted the abandoner makes it even worse. He's too immature to be in an adult relationship.

Paradoodle 5

Dont pay for the gas. tell the cashier he left without paying.

steal his next gf even if your not gay it will drive him insane

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Learn to have respect for a women ..

DoomJeff91 2

If getting gas costs $6 where you live, your life is definitely not ******.

^THIS Seriously, I didn't know South Carolina had cheap gas though. (and I can already see the assholes who'll be on here making claims "he probably didn't fill his tank that much" etc. etc.)

Y'all are stupid. He only gave her 6 dollars because he wasn't going to give her money for a full tank of gas if he wasn't getting gas anyway. And 6 was more than one gallon, he just wanted to make it seem realistic instead of wasting money.

what was yall arguing about for him to do that...another man maybe

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crzyry 6

Are you saying she wouldn't deserve it if she were a white girl using that same name?

It really grinds my gears when people say "I could care less". The phrase is "I couldn't care less". If you could care less, you actually do care an amount about it. Where did this stupid phrasing come from? It makes absolutely NO sense.

Indeed, but then again there are a lot of raped expressions out there.

hahahahaha "raped expressions".. I've never heard that before but I guarantee I'll be using it in the future :) and yeah, the "could care less" thing annoys me, too. Oh, and people who spell a lot as one word, that irritates me. I could go on, I have quite a few grammatical peeves :P

R0lling_St0ner 0

@ Jordan_McDeere I know that annoys the hell out of me as well @ Anteezy

@ # 7: Well, she can't deserve for being black since she's not black, 'smart' one.

Nikki_Wonder 0

Leafhead... Wow that was really racest. And how are you gonna get mad about her name when your ******* name is leafhead? ******* retard!

whileyone 0

"i could care less" only works if it is used as "amazingly enough, i could care less." however in this case it means you are slightly interested, but its unusual. :P PS never ride with an angry person when they are angry at you :(

mercymedical 6

Ah. Good old racism. I couldn't care less about racism. It's only racist when you happen to not be white. If you're white, apparently you deserve it. So talk it up leaf head. :)

waterynuggets 0

Oh, Novalee, not again. Do you and Americus wanna come stay with Sister Husband and me?

Thats disgusting and men are pigs.....the lot of you!

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bugmenotmofo 34

@24 - unless you like men, your avatar seems to suggest you are a "lipstick lesbian" too!

And what did you happen to do with that $6? Meh, likely YDI.