By maddie - 27/12/2011 05:26 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were at dinner with his parents when he discreetly slid his hand up my skirt and tickled me. This caused me to kick his dad's recently broken leg. FML
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I'm.... not sure whose fault it is.... so I'm assuming its your boyfriends.


i think this FML should've been posted by his dad. Boo ya!

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OP, did you not feel your boyfriend's hand on you? Or maybe the movement of the skirt while he shoved his hand up there...? You must also have a really spastic reaction to tickling xD


By falling to the ground in pain?

Damned mobile site, if I could only thumb up #11

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I'm nom bile right now and I gave it "thumbs up"... Dumbshit.

There aren't enough o's. Damn you impossible scramble game.

I hate being tickled...the same thing would probably happen to me. I hope that OP's boyfriend's dad is okay

How often does op respond? Really! Stop wasting comment space with non-funny/ interesting comments! And so im not a hypocrite:

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I concur. Tell your boyfriend to stop being immature, learn some manners, and show respect. Sheesh.

Who is downrating these comments? o_O. Horny people?

OR he's just playing around and it had an unfortunate repercussion? Not everything guys do is out of a lack of respect - often it's just for our own amusement instead :)

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Someone tell OP to stop acting like a ****! : )

Hell no! When my bf does that it says to me: "later honey, we are having some fun!" It's nice to just know he is thinking about you in most situations. Parents are a bit of an odd one, but my bf and I sneak a butt pat or a kiss in the kitchen when everyone is in the livingroom :)

My guess would be the people who are thumbing this comment down are those who actually appreciate a little playfulness in a relationship. There is nothing wrong with her boyfriend's actions. After all, she did say it was done discretely.

I agree that it was done with the intention of being playful, not lack of respect. If he wanted to disrespect her, they probably wouldn't have been at a restaurant, they would have been at her place and she would have been cooking and cleaning for dinner. Fyl op, that's an unfortunate turn out

I don't see the problem with a boyfriend discreetly tickling his girlfriends thigh. Same as twirling her hair or stroking her cheek. He just did it so no one would see at the dinner table.

"Discreetly exchanging handjobs" had me laughing pretty hard. On a different note sassylilsarah and I seem to have very different views on what is appropriate. I'm not saying your way is wrong but there are others who like to be playful and fun with their partner and you shouldn't go around instantly demonizing people like the boyfriend just because he did something that wouldn't be appropriate in your relationship.

If you think that having "class" makes you better than someone else then I have nothing more to say to you.

Oh, you mean that time period where blacks were extremely segregated and might has well have been slaves while white people got the pristine drinking fountains? Sounds like a dream to me too!

F your husbands L for having married prude,,,,

76 - That's completely irrelevant. I, too, wish that I had lived in the 1940s and that desire has absolutely nothing to do with anything other than the general lifestyle of the time.

Sarah- you really need to take the stick that is shoved up your ass and shove it in your mouth. Honestly, you're just a ******* prude.

-53 Respect they used too? You don't go out with people very often, do you? Guys have always done that. And to get men in trouble or just have a bit of naughty secret excitement women have been known to put their feet against a mans genitals at the table... Of course nobody notices that! Thankfully. >_>

3 and 8- it must really suck to have such a serious life..

Sarah is basically saying that she is better than all of us. Or so she thinks.

You won't agree to disagree because you're a self-righteous bitch who looks down her nose at everyone.

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I like it when guys are immature, they're more fun

I'm.... not sure whose fault it is.... so I'm assuming its your boyfriends.

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I agree, Who's fault is it than? Boyfriend's Or Op's

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You're on the road of a healthy and non violent relationship with your boyfriend's father ;D

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To dad: I'm so sorry sir, my pussy tends to be rather sensitive when surprise tickled by your son's fingers To mother: you really should have raised him better than that Dad - high fives son Mother - looks dumbfounded

Please stop coming up with these dumb ass comments. It's not funny and I laugh because I feel pity for you!!

I could never ever even dream of saying something that disgusting and terrible to my bf's parents. Talk about ruining a relationship.

Lmfao at #9! Don't listen to the nay sayers, Bizarre! I thought that was hilarious! Come on people, obviously no one would really say that, just think of it coming from someone with a social disinhibition disorder. :) Don't get it? Don't worry about it.

(Shrugs and smiles at max500) The pose was intentionally egocentric, please feel free to read my profile, my friend. As for my own lack of social filters, I spent too much of my life feeling inferior to others because I used to let people bring me down. Once I got over that mental barrier and realized self worth, and that my successes/failures should never be weighed against those of others, my life improved 3 fold. I won't hide ever again, and me without my shirt is a minor testament to it. Second note: I don't go out of my to disrespect anyone. I mean no offense, I have nothing but respect for your opinions. :) Ps: I thumbed your comment Up. :) Cheers!

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I couldn't help but thumbs down...

I'm trying to come up with a way to combine a euphemism for boobs and acne but it's just not coming to me.

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Opens 49s comment, reads "snorts an giggles," leaves.

So I'm guessing your legs were wide open if it was that easy for him to tickle you..

10- not entirely true. You can still cross your legs and get tickled. A sign doesn't pop up out of no where and reads "legs are not wide open: no tickling"

He slid his hand up your skirt in a manner apart or detached from others, separate, or distinct? Interesting...

Why does everyone assume it was her nether parts being touched. If she was dining with his PARENTS, it's more than likely she wore a longer skirt and was tickled on the leg.

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I don't think many people were assuming that actually. I only saw that mentioned once as of right now and it appears to only be suggested jokingly. It would make sense that tickling someone's leg would trigger a kick reflex. I think the signs point towards that.

Obviously he doesn't know how to not make it sound gross if shes saying he put his hand up her skirt.. Just saying :)

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Wow,I didn't think about that.