By Anonymous - 04/10/2009 21:40 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend's head was on my lap. I bent down to kiss him. My stomach rolls got there first. FML
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I totally awwed at this. It shouldn't really matter though because you have a boyfriend and I'm sure he still like/loves you still. :)


Zhejan 0

Ugh, I can't "stomach" FMLs like these

fmlfmlfml15 0

What's TMI? Too Much Information?

bahahahahahaa well at least we know she won't be on here: when they break up

TMI = this must (be) illustrated? Lol. Too much information.

Saccharide 0

Can we push to have three options instead of two? I agree, your life sucks; you totally deserved it; exaggerating much?

AhISnappedIt 0

if it was illustrated it would look something like this

It's sad that out of the two actual words in your sentence, both are horrible misspelled.

FYBL for having a whale as a gf. FATTIE!

the_stereotype 0

i agree, illustrations, because right now the image in my head is your boyfriend being suffocated under your massive stomach rolls. yeah...i don't think he's really sleeping anymore.

liveBabylon 0

ahahahah :) *Hi five* To the OP...Get of your fast ass! or stop complaining about it. Being fat is all down to you. God I hate fat people who are sad about it..ECK can't stand you people.

Be happy you even have a boyfriend, tubby.

Horrible or horribly? You fail at grammar nazism

Where the **** are people like you when there are fmls saying they are calling other people fat, cus they're getting to many YDIs.

OH YES. I'd like to see this illustrated :P

fmlfmlfml15 0

Lol there seems to be a lot of typos in these incoming FMLs.

Even skinny ppl have rolls! Like me, I'm really skinny but I still have rolls

smothered by jabba the hut. greatest fantasy for all us hardcore starwars fans! :D

Fat chicks need love too...they just have to PAY!

i hope nobody comes in and ruins this fantastic dinner party...

Ashilivione 1

that's exactly what my brother says...