By Anonymous - 04/10/2009 21:40 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend's head was on my lap. I bent down to kiss him. My stomach rolls got there first. FML
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that is so hot i like the chubbys :]

GreenDaysGeekGrl 0

I totally awwed at this. It shouldn't really matter though because you have a boyfriend and I'm sure he still like/loves you still. :)


Zhejan 0

Ugh, I can't "stomach" FMLs like these

This is just TMI not a FML.

fmlfmlfml15 0

What's TMI? Too Much Information?

This must be illustrated!

bahahahahahaa well at least we know she won't be on here: when they break up

TMI = this must (be) illustrated? Lol. Too much information.

Saccharide 0

Can we push to have three options instead of two? I agree, your life sucks; you totally deserved it; exaggerating much?

I agree, illustration plz!

AhISnappedIt 0

if it was illustrated it would look something like this

LMAO datz Ritch....

It's sad that out of the two actual words in your sentence, both are horrible misspelled.

FYBL for having a whale as a gf. FATTIE!

the_stereotype 0

i agree, illustrations, because right now the image in my head is your boyfriend being suffocated under your massive stomach rolls. yeah...i don't think he's really sleeping anymore.

liveBabylon 0

ahahahah :) *Hi five* To the OP...Get of your fast ass! or stop complaining about it. Being fat is all down to you. God I hate fat people who are sad about it..ECK can't stand you people.

Be happy you even have a boyfriend, tubby.

Horrible or horribly? You fail at grammar nazism

Where the fuck are people like you when there are fmls saying they are calling other people fat, cus they're getting to many YDIs.

OH YES. I'd like to see this illustrated :P

bobbymullet 11

GTH. thanks

fmlfmlfml15 0

Lol there seems to be a lot of typos in these incoming FMLs.

yay, thanks for fixing it!

that is so hot i like the chubbys :]

get some exercise and eat healthier

Even skinny ppl have rolls! Like me, I'm really skinny but I still have rolls

their first what?

I'm an asshole.

You're an asshole

smothered by jabba the hut. greatest fantasy for all us hardcore starwars fans! :D

Fat chicks need love too...they just have to PAY!

i hope nobody comes in and ruins this fantastic dinner party...

Ashilivione 1

that's exactly what my brother says...

"there" not "their"