By rmL - 13/10/2008 08:31

Today, the real estate guy came with potential buyers to visit my house. He opened my bedroom while I was wanking. FML
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#5, the only person he knew that was coming was himself.

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Why would you do that if people were coming?


Where? In the garage?

don't real estate agents tell you beforehand whenever they have people come over to your house? and you're supposed to LEAVE like at least half an hour before they come.

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Ha that's hilarious in other news. today, while selling a house to some potential buyers. I opened the Door, only to find the owner wanking in there. something tells me I'm not selling this house.FML

This has to be fake.. and if not then ydi. You probably knew that they would be coming so you shouldn't have been doing it then..


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that must feel good

#1 if you could read, you would be able to know that he was in the bedroom

I thought they did.

116 wtf is lol'd? laugh out louded?

133 it means laughed out loud

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Why would you do that if people were coming?

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Maybe he didn't know people were coming that day

Well we know at least one person is coming. And it's not the real estate agent...

Cause people are stupid sometimes.

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Danger wank.

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Wow. I have honestly never heard "cunt" as a verb before

"cunting" ?

Simmer down, sir. :x

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your buthurt is showing

cunting fuckface is one of the funniest verbs i have heard to this day.

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If you gotta do it, then you gotta do it.

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When I went to look at a house years ago the woman was asleep in her bedroom. Apparently she worked nights. She had no idea we were inside her house! But honestly if your awake you should have heard people walking and talking around your house, I'm sure he was describing things.

I would keep my door locked...

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Maybe he had porn on really loud?

They usually have a key

Dude, flick the lock. haha. Sorry, man!

#5, the only person he knew that was coming was himself.

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funny shit

i added this fml to mh favorites bc of that comment

hahaha. Cool.

Hahaha. This comment made my day.

haaaa,. that sux!

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That's the Guest room...Over here is the Master Bateroom : 0