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Today, I was cooking. I leaned over the stove to preheat the oven, and burned my nipple on a pot of boiling water. I also have a teething son who is breastfeeding. FML
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are you that shocked that she would be naked in her own house?

that seems to be the probable situation...

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I am shocked and in complete disbelief that she would be naked in her own home. Pictures or it didn't happen!

@Lingerie: When did he/she say they were shocked? They simply asked the question "Were you naked?" No need to go on and act like a smart ass when your entire reason for being a smart ass never happened.

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I wasn't being a smart ass I was asking. And I still think they were shocked.

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"When did he/she say they were shocked?" They did not, that is why she asked. So, in the words of you: "No need to go on and act like a smart ass—"

Some people have a fire crotch. The Op have a fire nipple.

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But those weren't her words. :0

I am shocked that she was cooking while being naked. Near boiling water.

Surprised a mother caring for her child is walking around her house naked while trying to cook, don't be absurd, don't all mothers do that? Her fault for being naked, and for being stupid enough to put a pot large enough to hit her nipple with boiling water in her path to turn the stove on.

why do you all assume she was naked? She could be fully dressed and still her nipple could "dunk" into the hot water. duhhh

Seriously, do you all wear rubber, insulated clothes around the house? Most of us wear clothes that are more comfortable, but also tend to cling to the body when wet. Boiling water on clothes --> burning hot clothes clinging to body --> contact burn.

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Christ. Way to over-react. (RedRobster)

How would this water fly up into the clothes? I think you are adding extra stuff to it. She just happened to touch her non-BDSM nipple into boiling water or the actual hot metal pot and completely get 2nd degree burns. No one said she dipped the nipple into the water or got wet. Just tender. Or she was naked. Which is also completely normal. @23: You kinda need to empty out the milk or else it could hurt. Pressure and all. That and the baby might like sucking on nipples so it likes getting a completely fill of both.

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And babies hurt. They bite. THey are like leeches with protection, too cute to destroy, too powerful to defend against. Motherly instinct is merely their telepathy working on you. I am sorry your nipple hurts... but this is only the beginning, your ears will hurt when he starts talking.

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Were you born with one nipple? Use your other boob. It's not like you 1-2 year old baby is gonna look at you and say "I ordered the right nipple, not the left one!" in some sort of Ricardo Montabon voice before bitch slaping you. Sucks that your milk maker had to get hurt though. Is the little baby ok? Need me to rub it for you? ...kiss it better?

(Why 1-2 years old? Teething starts between 4 and 7 months.) She may very well not have enough milk in one breast to feed the baby, and the milk needs to go out anyway - otherwise it will hurt.

The real question is: Why would you lean over the stove to preheat the oven? Did they hide the oven controls on the back of the stove? This would never happen with any of the stove/oven combos I've used, no matter HOW large your chest is.

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YDI for cooking naked/with little clothes on and being stupid enough to lean that far in to preheat an oven.

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@155: Fine, I'm sorry for not being an expert on babies. You want I should kill myself for my obvious incompetence in something so painfully obvious to Everyone?

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1-2 years old? What kind of 2 year old is still breastfeeding?

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^ Everyone that posted above me actually suffers from mental retardation

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maybe she's a nudist ever think of that

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post went to the wrong place...

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15 calm the **** down she wasnt meaning to be a smart ass youre being a dumb ass

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just great. Burnt nipple for dinner.

173- you have to lean over the stove to preheat the oven i own..

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That's what I was thinking when I read this

1 the WHO recommends breastfeeding for 2 years minimum for the uneducated people 2. it's not that easy to just nurse off one breast because it'll still get full and need to be emptied 3. yes there are stoves you have to lean over to reach the knobs and 4 water can in fact penetrate clothes so she probably wasn't naked

not sure how you managed that.. but i know that breastfeeding hurts enough without any added injuries... FYL.

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I think she's just lucky she didn't catch her shirt on fire. If she leaned close enough to burn her nipple (whether she was topless or got her shirt wet in the boiling water) she was close enough for her clothes to catch fire. I'm guessing she didn't have a gas stove. Stoves with the controls in the back are the stupidest thing ever. Why would the designers make it so you have to lean OVER the hot stuff to control it?! I hate stoves like that!

Re: 'Stoves with the controls in the back are the stupidest thing ever. Why would the designers make it so you have to lean OVER the hot stuff to control it?!" Because when they put the controls on the FRONT of the stove, little kids can turn the burners on... Controls on the 'back' are the safest for MOST people. Only short armed people have to 'lean over'.

breastfeeding doesn't hurt at at all. It does for maybe one week while baby is learning proper latch. then you don't even notice the child nursing. Also when they get teeth they don't chew, they still suck, so that isn't an issue.

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Yaaay I'm first But wait a minute, did you say your baby i

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All posted at same time. Was first when wrote

Did you die in the middle of writing a comment?

Its a shame people don't have two nipples...

I was just thinking that. haha. If you burned ONE nipple, wouldn't you have another one? Or, did you burn that one of during an earlier incident?

if you have milk in TWO breasts.. you have to get milk OUT of TWO breasts.. if you don't the milk builds up and you can get extremely painful infections.

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This is so simple, allow the baby to use the uninjured nipple... And, your husband/fiancee/boyfriend can gently use the other one, just to reduce the pressure of course...

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ichhasstkaterina, you completely missed the point. it's not as simple as feeding the baby through the other breast; she still has to get the milk out of the injured nipple somehow. op, even though it will still hurt like no other, you're probably better off pumping it than just letting the baby at it.

You could pump the other breast, that doesn't hurt does it?

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Yes, pumping hurts - just not as much as a teething baby...

you do realize that saying "first" when you aren't first truly makes you look like an idiot, right?

Congratulations, you just replied to wrong comment.

actually on my screen i replied to #10 by blackicysheep.. which only said "first"... if your screen says differently so be it.. but i didnt respond to the "wrong" person. thanks.

amazemyself2: i highly doubt ur screen happens to display something different than the entire rest of the FML community second: wtf u *****. way to make ur profile picture a pic of ur boobs

sorry guys, my screen shows amazemyself2 is correct

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I also show that she is correct, and breasts are wonderful things that deserve to be displayed. Her profile picture certainly does not offend me...

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yeah mine too. plus that was completely uncalled for, snizle

It doesn't offend me either because she's probably a butterface. At least people like her and I can realize it :]

Yes, amazemyself, I must apologize. On my screen it was not, so hope you accept my apology :) haha

actually im NOT a "butter face"... i just happen to have awesome boobs too!!

14, saying first even when you ARE first makes you look like an idiot. saying it when youre 10th is a new low...

@amazemyself2 Lol you replied to the wrong person. Very nice. (Since I *never* say "first")

You got some hot nipples there. No, wait, just one. Now your son can have a cooked nipple for dinner!