By Sidney - 07/01/2009 20:17 - United Kingdom

Today, I fell in love with a girl on the internet, she's great and funny. She says she's 16, but everyone keeps telling me she's only 11 and that I'm a pedophile. FML
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don't worry about it my roommates make fun of me all the time cause i was dating a girl who was 17 and i was 19, just cause i was in university and she was in high school. it didn't matter to me though because i really liked her, plus in canada the age of consent is 14

What did #4 say???


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Haha @ #4

What did #4 say???

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Well, we'll never know for sure, but if I had to guess, I'd say that it was probably a Chris Hansen "to catch a predator" reference : )

@ 4: I don't want to take a seat! Take a seat. How is he doing that!?

lol at southpark quote:)

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yeah, I doubt that your fucking with older guys on the internet could possibly lead to any problems in their lives or yours

Technically, 16 would be a hebophile, not a pedophile.

Yes, except apparently she's 11, not 16.

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LOL @ #5

#4 = Perfect, lol!

my mate met sum1 online called dinos wen she was 16 nd he was 18 nd he dumped her cus his mates sed she was 11..are you him?

Lol grammer how u do grammer

i love meeting guys on the internet!!! lol

I'm in an internet relationship as well, and couldn't be happier. I'm 17, she's 15. That's only a difference of one school year. And I'm willing to wait forever for her. Does that make me a paedophile, in a country where the age of consent is 16?

No it doesnt. Only if u have sex with her before she is 16.

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Wrong #77, pedophiles are people who are attracted to real little kids and 15 isn't little to a 17 year old