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Today, I bought a PS4 online for my boyfriend's birthday. I put it on our joint credit card through Paypal to keep it a surprise. The company decided to ruin that surprise when they called him to confirm the transaction. FML
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OP here, just wanted to expand on this to answer some questions. Both bank and credit cards are joint for us— the act of bringing in the income and shopping for the “perfect” gift is what we consider the act of gifting within our relationship. The price on the credit card bill was not the factor that would have ruined the surprise as it was planned to show as a paypal purchase and he already knew I had bought him a gift; the surprise was in knowing what the gift actually was. Customer service, on the other hand, doesn't usually call anyone to confirm purchases—I have purchased far more expensive things without receiving a call before. I just got unlucky this time I guess! His surprise came in early and he was still happy. For those wondering why we have joint accounts while dating; we’ve been together for six years as common-law partners and our relationship is built on trust and honesty. He got a gamer girlfriend but I got lucky with a good man!

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Wouldn't he check a joint credit card for charges? I think he'd be suspicious about a $300+ charge.

At least he has a girlfriend who doesn't hate that he likes to play video games :)


At least he has a girlfriend who doesn't hate that he likes to play video games :)

thats every mans dream (or a girlfriend that also plays video games)

I'm living the good life. My girlfriend is not only good looking, but a gamer. My Christmas present was a golden PS4 controller :)

Date someone in a video game - there are more girls than you think lol.

Part of my proposal to my now fiancé included getting her a PS3 and the collector's edition of Kingdom Hearts. She loves video games.

You know what they say; the couple that games together, stays together.

I honestly don't know any girls who aren't ok with their boyfriends playing video games.

I don't think people hate when people play them, it's more when game time is 23 hours of the day and 1 hour is the partner of they're lucky (as an example). I met my ex playing an online game, and my current bf is trying to complete a game quicker than I am :p but OP should've used their own card.

Wouldn't he check a joint credit card for charges? I think he'd be suspicious about a $300+ charge.

Agreed. I'm a little confused why OP didn't put it on her own card. Companies, including Paypal, also usually send you a thank you / confirmation email about your purchase. So the boyfriend could've possibly figured it out without the phone call. Regardless, it was still a very nice gesture.

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If he's like me, he wouldn't see the charge until the statement came in January, at which point he'd hopefully already have received it...

When its Christmas time couples aren't supposed to question stuff like that. Wait till it's over and then ask lol.

A joint credit card with his name that he could look at transactions... Who woulda thought he could find out? Oh well the good thing is he'll still be happy.

It's alright OP he will still appreciate the gesture :)

Never count on someone else to keep your surprises secret

Hey, it's the thought that counts. It's nice of you to do such a special thing for him! ? Either way, he'll appreciate the present.

"joint credit card" and "surprise" in the same sentence generally doesn't end well.

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Yeah my lady bought me a razer keyboard online. I had to go a week without looking at my online banking

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Probably shouldn't have used the joint account lol but I'm sure he still loves it regardless.