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OP here, just wanted to expand on this. Both of our bank and credit cards are joint; the price wouldn't have made my bf suspicious because we seldom buy things with credit card, so there's no reason for him to check the account until we know one of us has made a purchase with it. But when we do, customer service doesn't usually call us to confirm-- I just got unlucky I guess. Also, we're both gamers and someone was right to say couples that game together stay together; it's been three years for us now. Thanks for all the comments!
By Sonata90 / Sunday 20 December 2015 06:36 / Canada - Lewisporte
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  Mauskau  |  35

I don't think people hate when people play them, it's more when game time is 23 hours of the day and 1 hour is the partner of they're lucky (as an example). I met my ex playing an online game, and my current bf is trying to complete a game quicker than I am :p but OP should've used their own card.

  cheeeksss  |  29

Agreed. I'm a little confused why OP didn't put it on her own card. Companies, including Paypal, also usually send you a thank you / confirmation email about your purchase. So the boyfriend could've possibly figured it out without the phone call. Regardless, it was still a very nice gesture.

By  Reider022  |  16

A joint credit card with his name that he could look at transactions... Who woulda thought he could find out? Oh well the good thing is he'll still be happy.

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