By anonymous - 12/03/2012 08:03 - United States

Today, I burned my butt on the heater when I tried to warm up after my shower. FML
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LunaDragon 10

Wish 29 was between 9 and 18. :p

Is it weird that it's annoying me that he put 'no' in the quote :| ?

Yes it is, but it isn't. Or is it in just a way that it really is but just seems that it isn't?

38- Never ever trust someone who capitalises a word after a comma or else....

you could've just warmed up with ur towel or robe...

tylersign 11

I prefer a nice crispy, golden brown. I heard that burned stuff poses health risks.

ChristyBVB 8

But when a girl walks in with that itty bitty waist and that burn butt in mah face! :3

Now put a didlo near the heater wait until you hear sizzling and insert in anus

sqeakyclean 7
aruam365 24

Must have something up his ass...

No need to get those mental images burned into my mind!!

Many many things though i dont have anything in my ass other then shit

You should wipe better. It'll help with that.

Thank god you were hear to break the news Tom Brokaw.

You must have a hot ass... if you know what I mean ;P

That sounds like something I would do... But at least you know you've got a bubble butt and all the guys will be checking you out! Or maybe they'll just be looking at the burn...

Same joke as number seven, you get thumbed up, he gets thumbed down. LIKE A BOSS!

RedPillSucks 31

Because he didn't say "if you know what I mean".

His army of minions follow him and thumb him up as soon as he comments! Go Doc!

Ack...I hadn't noticed #7 when I wrote my (admittedly stupid) comment. Dammit.

toenibbler 14

Doc, you nearly always make original comments. You are allowed to slip up from time to time, it is only human.

You sit on the heater too? In that case there's a few rules to follow, never sit directly on the metal, always have a big blanket, and last but not least, don't try to pleasure yourself on the heater, there is an upward air current... Especially if you don't have a big blanket...

MizzErikaHart 8

At that point it becums 'dodge the flying lava'.

toenibbler 14

When the actual f*ck would that ever seem like a good idea?

ChristyBVB 8

When you get out of the shower and your house is cold. And yo booty née to be warmed up. c: