By Username - 09/05/2011 17:23 - China

Today, I made a cup of tea at work. Whilst talking to a work mate I took a sip of the tea which I had forgotten was boiling hot and laughed at the same time, causing it to come out of my nose. I have blistered my whole mouth and even burnt my nostrils. FML
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My comment was a fail I'm gonna go ahead and apologize right now.

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I can't even imagine that pain. I wonder how bad it hurts to sneeze...


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a short and pointless comment to be first, eh? ;)

Burnt nostrils. At least when you breathe, it smells like a nice cuppa tea!

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why do people care so much about other people and their short and pointless comments just to be first? how do you know 1 wouldn't have commented "ouch" even if there were 200 comments before him, eh? ;)

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#1 looks like he's snorted worse shit in his days

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I smell a lawsuit...just kidding you probs can't smell. hahah

That once happened to me but with soda.

wow that's sad... at least you didn't spray it all over the other person

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ouch is right. it would be hard to go through one day with your mouth and nose in pain.

#92 So you were talking to your co-worker while sipping on some boiling soda and failed to notice you were placing the soda up against your lips while still burning hot, then to proceed on to drinking it and having it run through your nose to your comrade's amusement and as a result had your nose and inside of your mouth terribly injured. Yeah right, as if that could happen with soda.

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did you remember to raise your pinky while you drank the tea? it's essential to do that so you can increase the plesure of drinking tea, wether burning hot or cold...(:

Just wait till the blisters pop and you have weird blister juices coming out your nose!

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i would sprinkle pepper around you and let chaos ensue hehe... jst kidding, that sucks.

Does it also increase the pleasure of firing said burning tea through one's nose cannons?

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Boiled water, you idiot. Do you have any idea how much that would hurt?

Be glad it was water? As opposed to what? Boiling lava?

My comment was a fail I'm gonna go ahead and apologize right now.

Be glad it was just water? As opposed to what? Boiling lava?

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15- That's what I was thinking. I doubt anyone makes a cup of boiled piss.

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I make cups of boiled piss all the time.

Who DOESN'T make cups of boiled pee?! I mean really.

guys he apologized so just stop writing shit and go ahead thumbs down this comment because u guys don't like what I'm typing but just let it go cause he apologized

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I can't even imagine that pain. I wonder how bad it hurts to sneeze...

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I have this gross visual image of your blister-y nose... eww

I love that word... Whilst, it just seems so sophisticated!!!!!

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Then again, you forgot it was boiling hot tea... Hmmmmm...

Ow! That sounds so painful :/ Lesson learned I guess?

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What lesson was learned from this?- Not to make tea? Not to forget the temperature of your drinks? Not to laugh?

33 - i would say the 2nd one bout the temperature... it makes most sense

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maybe if gayboii continues these non-gay comments we might hate him a lol less

Ouch and I thought burning your tongue was bad...

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ooo I feel for you I've done that once ouch

ohhh... that oughta hurt! why the hell would you just take a big sip of boiling hot tea?!

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14- Because OP forgot it was boiling hot. 32- Because there are obvious consequences like burnt nostrils.

because burnt nostrils are a pain! And @34 i was being sarcastic :P