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Today, I made a cup of tea at work. Whilst talking to a work mate I took a sip of the tea which I had forgotten was boiling hot and laughed at the same time, causing it to come out of my nose. I have blistered my whole mouth and even burnt my nostrils. FML
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  imacreeper  |  3

why do people care so much about other people and their short and pointless comments just to be first? how do you know 1 wouldn't have commented "ouch" even if there were 200 comments before him, eh? ;)

  netherflame  |  0

#92 So you were talking to your co-worker while sipping on some boiling soda and failed to notice you were placing the soda up against your lips while still burning hot, then to proceed on to drinking it and having it run through your nose to your comrade's amusement and as a result had your nose and inside of your mouth terribly injured.
Yeah right, as if that could happen with soda.

  LunaNstars  |  0

did you remember to raise your pinky while you drank the tea? it's essential to do that so you can increase the plesure of drinking tea, wether burning hot or cold...(:

  Rose8u  |  2

guys he apologized so just stop writing shit and go ahead thumbs down this comment because u guys don't like what I'm typing but just let it go cause he apologized

  cldean24  |  4

Even worse, what if you have a booger you just can't get out?