By ouchmytits - 28/03/2011 06:42 - United States

Today, I was cooking, and I took a pot of boiling water to the sink to drain. My pot holder slipped, and the boiling water spilled all over my breasts. Second degree boob burns are bad, but losing half a nipple to potato salad is worse. FML
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Now when you flash your boobs it will look like they are winking!

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One pound of potatoes, boiled and peeled, mayonnaise, celery, dill weed, a little mustard, and half a nipple. Season to taste.


Pot holder win.

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Gin ... and juice

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Gin ... and juice

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Cooking skill fail

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Really? It's not possible for your hand to slip if you have cooking skills? well shit, son!

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how the hell were you holding the pot such that when it slips it spills on ur boobs?? don't ppl hold the pot in the direction away from their body? WTF?

youd have to hold it above your head or right next to yourself for balance

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Now that's hot!

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Now that's hot!

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no 215 UR PIC IS A WIN!!!!

in mother Russia potato mash you

suckkksss bro. OHYEAH ME YEAHHH

woot first person to comment =D

you Fail hard, you Fail for saying first in the first place, and you fail even more for note being the first

I'm pretty sure you're third.

why dont you just stick to making sandwitches.

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14- was that necessary

I think you're the only one that cares ya hoe, so stfu.

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Apparently can't drive either

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Nvm dumb android app

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14- are you a guy or gal

you just contradicted yourself. I'm simple but I stole my carer's password and "he" hasn't found out yet! uhhhhhme soyyy dumb . *VOMITS*

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Im with pendatik on this one

14 - I hear you and all but if you are going to correct someones spelling at least make sure your grammar is correct first. I think you meant 'were' not 'where'. Just saying.

me hungy. nomnom

wowww 14!!! 8 just accidently added an extra letter to a word. 14, you completely used the wrong word! I think YOU'RE the stupid one...oh and WTF is your picture!? are you so stupid you could only get a girl with three arms??

Besides the guy you stole the password from could be even more stupid then you.

14 - If you're gonna insult someone about their spelling and whatnot, at least be smart enough to make sure you type your OWN sentence correctly. I'm pretty sure "where" and "were" have two completely different meanings.

CrimSin, get your head out of your ass, because you're obviously having trouble seeing clearly. Pendatik's grammar and spelling were spot-on. Notice I didn't say "where spot-on" as you suggest, because that would be wrong and stupid. Trying to correct someone and failing really makes you look foolish, especially when the person you're so desperately trying to show up is Pendatik.

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Uh, 69, 14 was right in that sentence. So, shut up. (:

haha 14 you have 6099 comments

Battle of the Brains is looking a little one-sided here...

Lol this thread is full of win.

no one can possibly out-do Pendatik in spelling and grammar except DocBastard and possibly KaySL.

#everyone, pendantik must have some powerful friends because it did actually say "where" not "were". I wish besties with the mods...

Rule #1 of FML; never attack an old-school dude like Pendatik.

Your missing the side note #147, it says that you can mess with Pendatik, KaySL and Doc, but it also says that sirin is not responsible for whatever they do back to you.

"Rule #1 of FML; never attack an old dude like Pendatik." There, fixed it for you.

Thanks 149 and Doc. I just got off an eighteen hour shift, so my brain isn't functioning properly.

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Pendatik, does the person in your photo have three arms? I am very intrigued and boggled as I have looked at that pic for about 15 minutes.

umm I'm pretty sure that's a leg… although I could be wrong. I'm also suprised KaySL hasn't commented on this thread yet.

162 is retarded.

just. shut. up. stop criticizing people.

nah lol go on this thread is really funny

Aha! I knew KaySL would post eventually!!!!! MWAHAHAHA

*throws dead unicorn right back at KaySL* *laughs when it skewers KaySL*

I don't want your shit, that's just nasty. Though I have more dirt on you then you think. Let's just say it has something to do with you, Doc, Every1luvsboners and handcuffs.

Is everyone done trying to have a flame war/cat fight/trying to be a grammar nazi?

no, the cat fight/flaming lesbian war is not ove yet!!!!! It will never end!!!!

dude y r u soooo mean like u honestly could not be as smart as u think u r because u act all cool using your big words and you most likely dont know what they mean and lile what job do you have that makes you think ypur so smart i agree with #16

look at you trying to act all smart for this pendatik person

242 who the fuck are you talking about?????

how do you lose half a nipple or any part of a nipple to potato salad?? were you eating some and it fell on your nipple and your dog bit it?

I was just thinking that.. you don't cook/boil potato salad, you just take it from the fridge and eat it..

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you have to boil the potatoes before you put them in mayo/ salad dressing and eggs ect... to make potato salad.

I hope you aren't that stupid istole..

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holly crap, obviously from the boiling water that was used in whatever way to make the potato salad

Either those two are retarded, or y'all just get subtly trolled.

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Most likely, the comments were made by people who eat store bought potato salad instead of making their own. For future reference, some people actually have to prepare the food you eat. There is no magic (nipple-less) fairy that creates the food in your fridge.

how the hell did you bring the dog into this

9 and 26 made me lose faith in humanity.

I can see where the question is coming from. OP merely states that she burned herself and has second degree boob-burns. She then states as a separate thought that she lost her nipple to potato salad. It makes it seem like it's two separate events.

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Yeah, they probably don't make their own food, but it doesn't take a genius to know potatoes aren't soft without being boiled. They are just really dumb lol.

#26 - Serves you right for being flippant. Next time put a ;) behind the comment. Maybe then people will understand.

116 and 133 I don't eat potato salad and only my mom eats it but that's only if one friend makes it. I never made it or was shown how beside they stated 2 incidents that sound different. Also to all I'm a cook I'm a cook. I do nothing but prepare food from scratch just like how I was raised and cook home made meals. Nothing beat it.

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u have to boil the eggs

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You would have been ok if you had implants.

Not really, skin will still burn and nipples will be lost regardless if fake or not.

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them shits would have been liquified fosho!

Fake are rubbish anyway...

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Why do people like clearly fake ones?

DiamondFinish 0

They like more bang for their buck. The mentality of most people is, if it's bigger it's better. I am talking about implants not natural big ones, that is a different discussion. I personally prefer natural. The feel is just priceless.<<<joke to you slow people.

Unless you go for a natural look they will never look good, big and perfectly spherical, or cleavage you could park a car in with nipples all over the place is extremely unattractiv.

Angi95 3

Haha wow to all of that too funny. I honestly don't get the attraction to them for guys.

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Is that what you told your mom so she wouldn't know about your BDSM fetish.


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I love your pic:)

Just look on the bright side! You're still alive!

ypu never make any senceeeeeeee!!!

ypu never make any senceeeeeeee!!!

Too...much...irony... *head explodes*

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Someone get a doc for.. Doc..!

#88 -puts head back together and then runs back to my lonely observing corner- ._.

lol. get a doc for doc!!

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throws a rock at #88 head as I yell spit out your stride gum or we'll find you!!!!!! bowchickawowow 

I am so sorry especially if you are a girl. F Y L

Huh, I didn't even notice OP's gender wasn't specified.

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Guys have tits? Well thats a new one! OPs name says tits!

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Guys don't have tits. o-o

But it says that the BOOBS were burnt - asuming it's a women...

unless the guy was really fat....... Ahhh!!!! MAN BOOBS!!!!

watchu' talking about? man boobs are hot.

Maybe for you...

naw dude..for all of us

do20ss 4

of course it's a woman, she was cooking,

Well I'm not homosexual and I'm a guy so guys in the first place aren't hot, but I'm pretty sure if I were female Man Boobs would turn me off. I also barbeque which is a form of cooking.

LMAO #164. you win.

I know someone who has man-boobs, so guys CAN have tits

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Oh my gosh. Not to be mean or anything.. but I think That's hilarious. The "losing the nipple to Potato whatever you made." 

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that awful, I don't know how you found that amusing

dotty23 0

Well, xD Idk. Although is might be awful to experience, I thought it was funny when she said losing half of an nipple to potato salad.