By Anonymous - 25/10/2009 18:28 - United States

Today, while at the store, my fly became undone. It doesn't seem that bad unless an old lady comes to "zip it up for you." FML
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1st to tell you know one gives a shit after a couple of years!

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oh come here sonny, let me zip that up for you...oh my that's a biggun you got i remember when my husband was still alive...bout your size if I remember right..

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..why don't you help me remember sonny.. come back to my place...

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She could have been a cougar, years ago!

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Yeah, damn cougars on the prowl for open zippers.

OMFG THIS ISNT A FML. you have a normal life you tard. please go die in a fire for thinking that your life is F'd.

I'd hate to see your day to day life if you think this is normal D:

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i don't know about you, but i'd rather not have my pants zipped up by anyone other than myself. so if that happens to you on a regular basis... anyway, OP, that's funny as hell.

Some random lady zips up your fly.. that's awkward. You may like being groped and touched by old ladies but that doesn't make it normal

^^^ Agree with that guy. If you think that's normal, you must have a pretty interesting life.

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