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  TookaWooka666  |  0

Spill the tea on yourself a couple dozen more times, you might build up a restistence, then the next time you spill something hot on yourself you can come out on top and say "Hey, fuck you hot shit, you can't hurt me anymore." then hot beverages would fear you to no end from that point on.

  EmoGiana  |  0

You better get some ice for that BURN!!!! That's like my favorite saying lol! But seriously, get some ice. We don't wanna see your raw flesh, that's disgusting. XD

  Tayman24  |  0

today I went to the restaurant Char. I ordered a coke. the second it arrived I picked it up and dropped it on the table. they cleaned the table and brought a new coke. I reached for it and knocked it over again and onto my girlfriends lap. We had to move tables and I got another drink but it was a kids drink with a top on it. I picked it up from the lid and it fell again. My date got up and walked away. FML
I thought this was kinda similar..... sometimes you don't learn from mistakes

  Emilee_2012  |  0

I don't understand why this has so many negatives. Their just telling the fucking truth. Get used to it. when you put your stupid shit on here expect for the truth. I mean who doesn't know how to hold a fucking cup of tea? What a dumbass!