By lemongrab - 18/05/2014 14:14 - Canada

Today, I was chewed out by a lady who claimed the laptop she bought wouldn't turn on, and that she wanted a refund. She yelled and shoved the laptop at me, not even listening when I told her I didn't even work at that store. FML
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Just be like " imma be back in a minute to fix it" and just leave with it. It's a win- win.

She must have a problem with her memory. RAM it back in her face.


Should've taken it and had it fixed yourself

Yeah because this guy probably knows how to fix a computer... I think if he "fixed" the computer for the lady he would probably get in real trouble.

but if she just gave it to him and walked away she wouldn't know who he was. so how could anyone track him down?

I bet there wasn't even anything wrong with the laptop. She was probably just stupid

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Sounds like that Virgin Mobile commercial about getting the IPhone w/ $30 unlimited everything...

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I think they meant that op should've taken the computer, gone to somebody who could fix it, and then keep it for themselves

You shouldn't have felt the need to exlain yourself. Just walk away. It's not like you'll be fired from a place you don't work at.

Clearly she couldn't just "take it". The woman wanted a refund.

#50 ikr. The OP seems like a gentleman. If most of the people I know would've been there, they would have yelled the shit outta her in return.

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Like she was pressing the enter key to turn it on or some shit

Just be like " imma be back in a minute to fix it" and just leave with it. It's a win- win.

Just be sure you get her to give you the receipt first.

Not if the lady's complaining that it won't turn on.

Take it and ask for a refund at the store

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Wouldn't a refund require proof that she purchased it from there?

Yeah, but obviously before they "fix" it for her, they'll need the receipt.

"MY LAPTOP WONT WORK" "Laptop and receipt?" *gives them* "Thanks" THEN WALK AWAY LIKE A BOSS

But didn't she say it won't turn on? What's the point of a broken laptop?

10 and 68, if the lady thought OP worked at the store she would've given them the receipt, had OP asked

She must have a problem with her memory. RAM it back in her face.

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He must have overclocked his memory. ..

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This pun is just on the line of almost being bad. But it doesn't. That's why its so good; probably the best I've seen in a while.

#4's comment TOWERS over the rest.

Solid state drive your fist into her head.

should of just took it and walked off with it she basically gave it to you even when you told her you didn't work computer

You should have asked her if she wanted to see your manager, then take her to another employee and explain to them that she needs help. Problem solved!

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"Shut the **** up woman! Calm your ****! I don't even work here!"

Customers can be both dumbasses and bastards. One time a customer yelled at me for a good ten minutes because there were Oreo pieces in the brownie of her Oreo Brownie Earthquake. She threatened to sue. -_-

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Really? You should submit that as an FML!

I've never heard of an oreo brownie earthquake, now I feel cheated and sad that I'll probably never try one

62 - Go to Dairy Queen, you'll find it there.