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By Anonyname - 18/05/2014 19:14 - United Kingdom

Today, my husband and I announced at a family get-together that I'm pregnant with our fourth child. My dad sighed, and spent the rest of the evening acting moody, and eventually muttering about how he'd raised a "damned broodmare." FML
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Your husband must be a stud. Congratulations.

Um, it's not his choice on how many children you want/plan to have. He's your father and may be upset, but it's inappropriate for him to act that way during a special and happy moment you and your husband are sharing with him. Actually, he shouldn't be upset. He should be happy for you and your hubby. Don't let his moodiness get the best of you guys. Congratulations on the pregnancy. :)


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Yes that is the only solution for the father's occupation

#16 so I tried to wipe that little black dot on your profile photo from my screen. Well played.

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I wonder how many kids he had

#42 I thought I had a dead pixel on my new monitor.

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its not a problem if you have the time and resources to give your children a decent up bringing. However, if that isn't the case then your dad may have a point.

Grateful* I don't think that's what he's really feeling, #2...

You are just the dumbest person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting over the internet.

Is that what it means to be downvoted? That you're dumb? Cause if it is, I've been mislead for quite a while now.

Hey guys, don't fight. The guy from the comment is epic

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Your husband must be a stud. Congratulations.

We need more positive comments. Just like yours sir :)

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Really, a stud? Because he succeeded in impregnating his wife four times? Or are you referring to the fact that he must have successfully made love to his wife at least four times? Neither of those things in any way makes a man a "stud". You, sir or ma'am, need to raise your personal bar.

I believe he was making a pun. And you missed it by a mile.

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#83 Given the ire in his comment, a parsec is more like it.

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Confront your father, you, as a successful woman with a husband and children, don't have to take that kind of crap.

Who says she's successful? She could be a highschool dropout living on welfare for all we know.

And who defines success? It means different things to different people.

You're not alone in that sentiment, 29.

Some people love having children. And if they can provide for the wellbeing of the children, who's to say how many children they can have?

#37 for now china is the only place I know that limits the amount of children a person can have. I never really care how many children a person has as long as they can provide for them.

Pfft #41, half the population is becoming homosexual, no worries!

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couldnt agree more. the earth is overpopulated as it is. 2 children are more than enough

for all of you who think the world is overpopulated - please dont have any children then. think four kids is too many - well, unless they are your children, you have no need to judge the parents. you also dont need to have four children yourself. or two is more than enough - great, feel free to not have more than two. but dont judge the other parents for not going by your opinion. if the parents can provide for their kids, they can have as many children as they want and shouldnt be judged for it.

It's not an opinion that the world is overpopulated.

The world isn't overpopulated. It's nowhere near capacity. Resources are just unevenly distributed among societies. I hate when people spout off crap they know nothing about.

#65 never said the overpopulated comment was an opinion, did i? i said people shouldnt judge parents for having more than two kids because in their opinion, two is more than enough. #69 sorry for not wording it to exactly what you said, but what i said still stands. if you think it will be overpopulated in the future, dont have children then.

68, 74- I stated a fact, you both stated opinions. Yea our world may become overpopulated later on down the road but it isn't now. We have enough resources to adequately take care of all humans but we choose to exploit poorer countries and let the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Don't focus on what other people do with their families. If they want a bunch of kids and can take care of them, don't worry about it. Just focus on yourself. Too many problems are caused by people that don't know how to mind their own business.

68- Most of the CO2 emissions come from the United states because we consume more energy than any other country. We are nowhere near the largest country in the world by mass or population. It's not necessarily a matter of population but a matter of greed and no sense of conservation. Telling people to have less kids isn't going to stop people from buying trucks that get 15mpg ot using less electricity or prevent big businesses from building factories that pollute the atmosphere. Get real, man.

@66 What's the capacity then, since you know so much about the topic? NO ONE knows the carrying capacity of the planet so you cannot say we're 'no where near it.'

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actually, research was done....every person currently born in the U.S.A can fit into the state of Texas

Oh yeah, let's be like China and impose a child limit for couples. That's a standard of logic and compassion every nation should uphold. Now, who wants to help me scoop these infant girls out of the gutter?

While I agree 29, different strokes for different folks. As long as they're well off enough & can provide enough love & patience for each child, all the power to them I suppose.

I'm a fourth child and I gotta say I'm really feeling the love on this thread. Personally I think people should have as many children as they want as long as they can support them and care for them, but that's just my opinion.

I've learnt in biology the natural human population should be around 10 million. Yet here we are with 700 times that number. The earth is already severely overpopulated

Congratulations, I hope your dad comes round and realises how lucky he is!

Um, it's not his choice on how many children you want/plan to have. He's your father and may be upset, but it's inappropriate for him to act that way during a special and happy moment you and your husband are sharing with him. Actually, he shouldn't be upset. He should be happy for you and your hubby. Don't let his moodiness get the best of you guys. Congratulations on the pregnancy. :)

What if they didn't "want/plan to have" it?

#67, what does it matter if the child's conception wasn't wanted/planned? Obviously OP and her husband want/plan to keep their baby, or they wouldn't be announcing it to the family. Details like that are irrelevant now.

They're not irrelevant at all. The lack of planning with child conception could be the reason the original poster's father is upset. Perhaps he'd like them to start settling for the family they already have.

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People are entitled to have however many children then want, and can raise and support. Personally I only plan on having one, or two max...but I don't care what other people do.

Everyone is entitled to have as many children as they WANT to have. I want six personally. Now, those dumb ass deadbeat dads that have 22 kids with 7 different moms are the ones making the rest of us parents look bad!

The world is overpopulated enough without people having 10 kids apiece. I, personally, plan to have 2 max. And then if I decide I want to raise more children I will foster or adopt.

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The earth weeps at your sense of entitlement.

You are an asshole sir ive seen people with more kids than that who live good lives

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# 18 And your parents' as well. And mine.

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#53 you're saying that it's the woman's fault? Whys the guy gotta stick it in? Why doesn't he wear a condom? Why is it her responsibility to either take birth control or abort? I'm not saying they aren't both at fault but really dude, you're completely blaming women.

#53 the guy should be looking after his own protection and getting condoms. it is NOT the womans responsibility to ensure all protection is taken care of.

You do realize that 4 children is not THAT many kids in a household, right?? Not that long ago, 4 kids per household was an average. I'm from a family of 4 kids myself and we were all raised well and taken care of properly. If OP and her husband have the means to take care and love a forth child, why shouldn't they!? The fact that you feel entitled to be dissapointed at OP for having a forth child is really silly to me!

@53- How sickeningly misogynistic can you be? "Women" are easy? In general? Do not generalize that women are particularly promiscuous- and besides that, do not act as if men can't be just as promiscuous as women. That said, there is nothing wrong with promiscuity of either sex so long as they are adults and capable of keeping themselves and their relationships physically and emotionally healthy. We could do away with the negative connotations. Birth control pills can be expensive and even difficult to access without a good healthcare plan. If two people want to have sex, the responsibility is on BOTH of them to access condoms and choose to use them to do so safely. A man also has to agree to unprotected sex to create a child- and it's not a woman's fault that she just happened to be born of the gender capable of pregnancy. Get with the times before I set my bra on fire and throw it at you.

To be fair, whilst it is the parents choice, we do have a massive overpopulation problem at the moment and the issueof whether it's ethical to have lots of kids is becoming debated more and more lately. Also, we used to have a lot of kids because life expectancy wasn't great and half of them would probably die before adulthood. That's not really the case anymore.

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What exactly is a reasonable amount of children someone else is allowed to have then?

I'd rather someone say I was a brood mare than a dairy cow. They are always getting pregnant to keep the milk flowing!

Really? Go on and multiply OP... Multiply his supposed misery too while you're at it...

It's no ones' business if she has one child or eight children. Having another grandchild should be an amazing feeling, not miserable!

Have as many as you can afford, having a lot of children costs a shit ton.

Having one child costs a shit ton. If people had only as many kids as they could afford, there would be a lot fewer children in the world.

Considering how many kids end up in foster care because their parents can't raise them safe and sound, may not be a bad thing.

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there is a lot more to it than finances. How many kids can you reasonably give the amount of individual attention needed to? how many kids can you effectively teach to be productive members of society? it should not be just a financial status symbol.

Congratz on the baby and that your husband is a stallion