By anonymous - 30/09/2012 05:32 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, I got yelled at for providing horrible customer service, in a store I don't even work for. FML
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myoukei 31

You should have turned the tables around and asked to see the person's manager.

Finally! A situation where the customer is wrong! You should go to the store manager and demand an advance on your imaginary paycheck.


Because no one likes being yelled at, especially in public. Not everyone is brave enough to call the other person out on it as well.

I would've yelled right back and then laughed when she tried to report me to the manager. If the manager had not yet seen me, I would have left the store so that when the manager comes to investigate there is no one there. The customer would then appear to be insane, shouting "No! I swear he/she was right there!" into the manager's face. Justice has been served, with a side dish of creamy revenge topped with humiliation.

Then people should learn to be assertive nothing better when you're right then to turn the person trying to make you look like a jackass into the biggest jackass of all.

Y U NO CLEAN AISLE 7?! "Peace, muthafooo"

If it was by a employ tell them you quit. If its by a costumer tell them you don't work there.

pabst4america 1

Ya why the **** is this an FML hahaha

#30, Perfect set-up for what you said. I worked at BK, guy comes in screaming about his order being wrong, I tell him we haven't served his particular order on my shift. He yells that it was on the earlier shift and he wants to see the manager. Manager worked the earlier shift and is standing right behind the guy(literally 3 feet from him). Words cannot describe the look on the guy's face when he realizes his mistake and cannot get away with the fraud this time!

That must've been an extraordinarily ignorant person.

CountDuk 5

16 - Now that's bad commenting!

The main reason why people have been doing this lately is probably because it was on some Betty white show. Personally, I'd laugh my ass off rather than write an FML about it ;)

myoukei 31

You should have turned the tables around and asked to see the person's manager.

And you just stood there and took it? Why didn't you say something back?

9inchesSoft 11

OP should've acted like they worked there and yelled back at the person. Then when they get the manager they will just look at OP and be like "they don't work here.." and make the person seem like a moron.

zakkyzebra 11

If you're that bad, you should be fired. Hypothetically of course.

Some customers can be stupid. So much for "the customer is always right."

I agree with 64. I just got yelled at by a customer for not giving them a discount on produce. I'm a cake decorator. Customer's can be morons.

I used to work at a McDonald's. I got yelled at by a moronic lady who demanded a discount on chai, no matter how many times I told her that we didn't have any.

Don't worry Op its not your fault people are stupid.... You should of asked the person to leave the store.

The English language is evolving all the time. If people keep saying "should of" instead of "should've" it will become part of the evolution.

SuperDerp 8

Finally! A situation where the customer is wrong! You should go to the store manager and demand an advance on your imaginary paycheck.

Okay...then who cares! Just say I don't work here and I wont be shopping here any more.

Why would you stop shipping somewhere because a moronic customer pissed you off? That has absolutely nothing to do with the place of business itself.

HeyArnold91 8

This has happened to me in the past. Sucks when people assume...

I don't see why you were getting down voted, this has indeed happened to me before, I haven't gotten yelled at like the op but I have gotten confused as someone that works in a store, and when people started asking for help finding things and I told them I did not work in the store, they would call the manager or another worker to verify if I was lying or not. it does suck but in the end the person looks like a fool :p

Whoa, people actually ask the manager if you work there? That's crazy!

Gawd he was just looking to find the my little pony dildoes, why were you laughing?! If you had helped him maybe you both could have a little fun...

10- please go sit in the corner and think about what you've just said.

10- As if the username doesn't give it away, you're just vying for attention. If you're gonna troll, do it right. All you're doing is spouting nonsense.

KiddNYC1O 20

57- Don't talk to Sean like that. He's one of the few FML legends... But you wouldn't know that.

10 - Is this what's trolling come to these days? In my days it was done subtly.