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My dad used to do all kinds of crazy shit when he felt that he got ripped off. Like rocking the vending machine like a maniac in the theatre because it didn't spit out candy after inserting $1. Or throwing the new opened Video game at people in the store because they wouldn't accept the return. Now, however, I understand it wasn't about the money or that my father was a nut; it was about not getting ripped off and being treated like a bitch.

  cmyk  |  19

Your dad sounds like an ass.. If in doubt, ASK! No need to get violent with the people whos only doing their job so they can afford rent and food.. -.-

  princev3  |  4

Why did you steal his wallet? You had no business being a jerk and taking a loyal customers wallet. If i was him, I would stop shopping there until you appoligized. Gosh, some people are so ignorant in this world.

  HeartOfLead  |  24

That's fine, you can fight fire with fire and throw the cash register at him. We'll be seeing who goes to jail. And maybe 'ole uncle Johnny Crack Corn will be there to show him how he got his name.

By  epicwaffles  |  7

Today, i was at the store just buyin some groceries, when somehow the cashier used the force and sucked my wallet onto his face and accused me of throwing it at him, FML