By FUCK A FUCKING DUCK - 23/11/2012 17:20 - Bahamas - Nassau

Today, I went out and bought a copy of Black Ops 2. I got home and opened the case, only to see the game disk was missing. When I went back to the store to complain, the guy at the desk accused me of trying to pull an old scam on him. FML
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I don't think two ducks ******* will appreciate you joining in...

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The opposite happened to me last year. I got an extra game in my bag and had to return it. It was kind of awkward...


Get your "friend" to talk to her. Then beat the shit out of him.

There's a slight chance you might have the wrong FML....

pheebs314 17

The opposite happened to me last year. I got an extra game in my bag and had to return it. It was kind of awkward...

Why return it? You got an extra game for free! Sell it on eBay or something!

pheebs314 17

Okay. I technically COULD have kept it but I didn't because I didn't buy it. The craziness of a huge sale and a new cashier isn't really an excuse to shoplift.

Sadly enough, knowing how society is, I'm almost completely sure the comments above me are not joking.

Good job Pheebs you kept your integrity. A quality less and less people seem to have today

pheebs314 17

It actually worked out because I ended up needing to exchange a wiimote I bought for my brothers in law and I didn't need my receipt.

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I know it makes me a terrible person, but I probably would have kept it. I always return things to individual people, small businesses, or if I think it'll come out of an already underpaid employee's pay. However, I have very little respect for the sanctity of GameStop's loss allowance since you so rarely get a chance to screw the people that screw you so often. Assuming it was a large chain store that makes 500% profit on used games without paying the developers their rightful cut. Rationalization of behavior complete.

I may sound bad, and the sudden holiness and righteousness of everyone will probably thumb me down, but hell... If I got a game for free, I would keep it.

34, you've been watching total biscuit haven't you?

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34- As a former GameStop employee, I can personally relate/agree that it is a company that makes a shameful amount of profit off of other people's used games. And I don't have much sympathy for it, or any, large corporation when it comes to one game vs. their bottom line. But if it was a GameStop OP went to, I would ask that you all think about the individuals working at the store. When things go missing, corporate tends to hold the employees of that store, and especially the managers, at fault. If stuff is constantly having to be written off, they will write up, or even fire, those that work there. So I would say even though I don't care about GameStop as a whole, I would go back and return the game because I wouldn't want the employee who made the mistake of giving it to me to get in trouble or fired. Or anyone else. If, due to lack of training or effort, too many things get mistakenly given out, those people's jobs are in jeopardy!

Would've given the last comment a thumbs-up if only I could reach the icon without scrolling and having the tab automatically slide back in.

45- Please tell me you're joking. 15's comment is completely realistic, in today's world less people show respect when and where it's due and people's integrity as far as stealing goes, is definitely in the decline.

saIty 17

I don't think two ducks ******* will appreciate you joining in...

redhedsaysrawr 18

Its like McDonalds, I guess you always have to check what you bought before you leave, because if you try to go back with a problem, youre gonna have some sort of an issue. So, Op, did you get the game back?

If you leave without checking your bags, your gonna have a bad time.

amayasoma 19

69 - Depends on the McDonald's. The one I used to work for would always ask for the receipt and the product return. If you didn't have both, you weren't getting shit.

Here you can go back and they will not even ask for a receipt if you looking trusting.

thebiglloydtree 12

If anything, i'd argue he was scamming YOU, and knew it. He could've easily checked the stock list vs the number of available discs...

The stock list only counts towards the # of cases for each video game, not whether this disc or cartridge is in it.

he ment check the stalk list and count the number of available disks in inventory (unless you have some weird disk to container ratio it should work just fine)

Um is this at like a gamestop or something... because OP doesn't say so but that would make sense. Gamestop should sell games new and wrapped in plastic.

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#50_wat da fuq up wit dat speling!? We talkin boot vegies here or is there a video game disk stalker stealing discs?

What are you guys talking about? Don't you people buy BRAND BEW SEALED copies of games? I always do and have never had a problem.

In most Stores where I am (UK), stores keep the cases on the shelves and the manuals/discs rubberbanded together in draws behind the desk. I think mostly to prevent people stealing them. The only time the game is on the shelf sealed is when it's so crap or cheap they don't care if you steal it anyway.

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I don't know who the f*** would go to that much effort to get a retorted piece of sh*t game... I'm sure that activision realized that the game was just that terrible and didn't want to have to force other people to force them selves to play it because they think they look cool while doing so, so they decided to just make the boxes

It's probably better that you didn't get to play it

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littlemsweirdo 12

rather or not the game is fun is beside the point its the fact that op got ripped of by paying for a product and not reciveing it

If it was a PS3 copy then no disk or having a disk, it won't matter. Can't play it anyways. Haha.

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#35 I'm sorry, but once anything is sold to another individual as used, no money needs to go back to the original manufacturer. The manufacturer doesn't "deserve" a cut. You wouldn't call up Dodge upon selling your car to a friend to give them their fair share, since they paid a group of South American laborers $0.50 an hour to make it four years ago.

I had this happen, but with an old game, fable 2, I brought the special edition recently, it was two disc, game on one, special features on the other, luckily the cashiers where I am are pretty good and he gave me the game disc without even needing my receipt

That's why I buy games from "pure game sellers" like GameStop, because they always open up the case to verify there is a game disk inside, you lose the enjoyment of unwrapping the game though.

pheebs314 17

A lot of game stores keep the discs in sleeves behind the counter and the cases on display to help prevent shoplifting.

Yes and that's why you Pre-order like I did, you get it on the release night and you see them get pulled out of the box

I heard that some stores have problems with people opening games to get the disc out then trying to make it look like it had never been opened so they can return it for money. This may or may not be the case here.

intelliDude 7

That's one reason it's great being a PC gamer; you can just download games without a risk of purchase issues like that.

You can download games on the Xbox store too....

Uh, yeah, except Black Ops 2 is out for Windows too. OP didn't mention a console.

So was I. You just posted while I was making 100% sure of my facts, hence the lack of an "I'm talking to #19, by the way."

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23, 24- That's why it helps to leave a little tag at the beginning, directing the comment to who it goes to, even if no one else seems to have commented yet. It avoids confusion like this.