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By  threer  |  30

People seem to be getting dumber and dumber..

  tim374  |  26

It happened to me once with a packet of blank CDs that I bought at another shop earlier. It didn't worry me as the alarms are only to get the staff's attention

  leogachi  |  15

@4 Sometimes the machines just screw up. Yesterday at school I saw a guy leaving the library. The anti-theft machines beeped, but the only books he had with him were the ones he bought at the bookstore (in a separate building). The same thing happened to another guy less than five minutes later.

  mattzawesome  |  28

Quite easily actually, lots of stores use "soft tags" in inconspicuous areas and the cashiers often will forget to run them over the demagnetizer. It's quite common.

  By_The_9  |  13

I've had this happen to me twice. The first time was my phone that triggered it. My friend and I tossed my phone back and forth through the detectors, setting them off. The second time was when I had a pack of E-cig cartridges in my purse that had an anti-theft tag on it.


I can personally say I've left the security tags on my accident when ringing people out, especially if they buy something like a really thick cardigan, it's hard to see or feel them. Luckily the alarms almost always go off. Sometimes it's tricky, other times the machines are just screwy.

  kirkaygri  |  18

If you order some designer purses online, they may have a security tag hidden deep in a pocket, it can set them off. It's happened to me before. Once a tag was sewn in the lining. That was fun.

By  Lesyriad  |  14

Wait... Did they come up to you and accuse you? Or are you saying the beeping machine accused you? Did they call the cops on you? If so file for harassement/defamation of character to teach them they cant just accuse you because the machine beeped.