By Breanne - 14/07/2011 15:25 - Canada

Today, at work, a regular started talking to me. Subject of choice? His overwhelming amount of earwax. Apparently he'd like to make a candle out of it once he goes to the doctor to get it removed. FML
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you work in the same office as Shrek??

Won't that be a lovely scent?


Why would you taste a candle? Your supossed to smell it.... though iit probably would most likely be tasty.

Well if you want you can come "Blow" my candle. :D

16 your dick lights on fire?!?! I wish mine could do that

Thats Gross . haha

That would be an awesome trick!

That's gross but funny: he wanted to do the same thing as Shrek ! So in the end it's almost cute XD

maybe he's asking you for some help.:)

way to be resourceful! this reminds me of the time I recycled my own feces as manour for my opium plantation. it saves money! :)

At work I call "regulars" the customers

do you by chance work at a fast food restaurant?

shrek nostalgia here I go hrgdhjfhdfdgffgdgjyefgfrgh

yeah I work at mcdonalds but the op could be in retail, who knows?

Won't that be a lovely scent?

they did this on mythbusters. apparently it was awful.

Hmm, ear wax scented candle... Noms

yeah, I saw this on mythbusters. it doesn't work though, haha.

you work in the same office as Shrek??

A regular, not a colleague :p

how is this an fml just asking

I can't imagine that candle would smell very good.

this is hilarious.

I feel sorry for the doctor who has to remove it :D

Mythbusters tried this. Firstly, it's disgusting. Secondly, it's busted (it just wouldn't work in reality).

To tell you how gross it was, everyone was gagging and almost puking. This is Mythbusters, where they've seen and done everything, and they were getting sick!

I haven't seen that episode.. Does sound pretty gross though..

I can see a business started out of that.

Mythbusters tried this. Firstly, it's disgusting. Secondly, the myth's busted (meaning it doesn't work in reality).